Zyclefix Cycling products



More than a rush – riding fixed connects body and bike, enabling a cyclist to move fluidly through urban landscapes – aware, awake and present.Anticipating how each next move will reflect the demands of their environment, fixed gear riders move away from the doldrums of our increasing techno-obsessed-zombie-haze and into the real and the alive. Turn off your TV, and get fixed. As gas prices climb, societal malaise simmers, and we continue as a culture of inactivity – the reasons are plentiful for all walks of human to put the fun between their legs. And, as it turns out, everyone is. Messenger transport, turned hipster fad, turned Hollywood mainstream – riding fixed has brought bicycle riding back in vogue. Zycle Fix, the most current and appealing bikes and components are available at prices that continue to make this positive lifestyle choice accessible.