20" Kids Bikes


Types of 20 inch Kids Bikes for Sale

Designed for children ranging in height from 3ft 11" to 4ft 5", the two most common styles of 20in kids bikes available are mountain bikes and BMX and will often feature gender specific frame and color options.

20 inch Kids Mountain Bikes & Fat Bikes

20in mountain bikes and fat bikes will typically feature components similar to adults bikes such as multiple gears and suspension. Where gears are present, these bikes will generally feature an uncomplicated single shifter to control the gears at the back – with just a single cog at the front. Suspension options help retain control and absorb shock, however, most brands choose to avoid rear suspension at this size bike as it can add unnecessary cost and weight. Low-cost dual suspension kids bikes should typically be avoided as they’re overly heavy and less durable.

20 inch Kids BMX Bikes

BMX bikes are a popular choice of kids bike due to their rugged and simple single speed design. These bikes are designed with flat terrain and relatively smooth surfaces in mind. Cheaper kids-specific BMX bikes will feature a coaster rear brake (pedal brake) and a hand-operated front brake. Increases in budget see frame materials and components improve in quality, becoming similar to adult BMX bikes which also typically feature 20in wheels but with a larger frame and dual hand-lever brakes. For this reason, a BMX may be a suitable option to last a number of years.

Gender options

Boys 20in bikes will usually feature neutral blue, red, green and black color options. Girls 20in bikes will generally come in pink, purple and white color and graphic options. Girls bikes will also start to feature slightly different frame shapes, designed for better standover height thanks to a sloped top tube, making for easy mounting and riding when wearing a dress or skirt.

Unsure which size bike is best for your child? Head back to our kids bike infographic for a look at other children's bike options.

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