Bike Baskets


Bike Baskets

Bike baskets are stylish accessories that give you added versatility to make cycling more practical and convenient for your lifestyle. In addition, having a cycling basket frees your hands from distractions so that you can concentrate on steering and braking.

BikeExchange has a wide array of bike baskets from retailers and private sellers across the United States. These baskets make running errands significantly more convenient and enjoyable. Check out our entire online catalog to find the perfect accessory for your bike! Whether you have a mountain bike, road bike, electric bike, or cruiser bikes, we have the right basket for you.

What are bike baskets used for?

Bike baskets are the ideal companions for city commuters and leisure cyclists who take their bikes for shopping or grocery duties. These practical accessories have dimensions that can carry light cargo either on the front or rear of your bike, allowing you to focus on the road instead of your belongings. You can also use them to haul work gear or even take your pet out for a ride!

How do I choose a bike basket?

There are several factors you need to consider before ordering a carry basket online:


It is important to note that not all baskets are compatible with every type of bike. Make sure you look into the product description to ensure that the basket you select is suitable for your bike.

BikeExchange provides all the details you need to know in every one of our product listings. We aim to make your online shopping experience, so we do everything in our capacity toward this end. Shop now!

Mounting Location

Bike baskets are generally mounted on either the front or rear of your bike.

  • Front: These baskets are usually mounted on the handlebar, but some models are equipped with braces that extend from the basket to the front hub bolt on the front fork suspension. They make sure all your belongings are within arm’s reach when you go for a ride.

  • Rear: These baskets are often mounted on a rack above the rear wheel and have larger carrying capacities than front-mounted alternatives. They essentially function as hard-sided panniers that carry your cargo lower on the bike, keeping the center of gravity low to minimize the impact on your handling and control. Moreover, they don’t obstruct your vision while riding.


Bike baskets are made of various materials, and your choice among them should depend on your typical riding conditions and personal preferences.

  • Fabric: These baskets are best known for their versatility, capable of converting into a large tote bag! They are the perfect companions for trips to the beach or the gym.

BikeExchange has fabric bike baskets that come with deep pockets to accommodate all of your belongings with ease. Moreover, they are easy to wash and look great on classic beach cruisers.

  • Metal: These weather-resistant baskets are often made of a steel wire mesh frame that allows for lightweight construction and space efficiency.

BikeExchange has metal baskets that have height and width adjustment capabilities to suit different types of cargo. These models are also disc-brake compatible, making them fit for virtually any road or mountain bike.

You can also choose from a wide variety of metal baskets for either permanent or removable mounting. We even have metal baskets that come with spring-loaded top cages to ensure your cargo is secure over rough terrain.

  • Plastic: These baskets are some of the most popular options on the market because of their lightweight yet durable construction and unparalleled versatility.

BikeExchange has plastic bike baskets equipped with telescopic handles and trolley wheels so that you can take them into the store for grocery runs. We also have models that have quick-release mechanisms for easy installation and removal.

  • Wicker: These baskets are long-time staples of cruiser bikes. They are made of durable rattan fibers and feature a classic design based on traditional craftsmanship. You can find wicker bike baskets in vibrant colors like pink or classic brown. We also have lidded wicker baskets to keep your equipment, clothing, or footwear secure as you ride.


The best bike baskets have different carrying capacities, so you should choose one that best serves your needs. If your purpose for getting a basket is the occasional run to the grocery store, a sleek front-mounted basket should get the job done. But if you plan on hauling over fifteen pounds of cargo, a rack-mounted rear basket may be the better alternative. The critical thing to remember is to buy a bicycle basket that can accommodate the items you usually carry.

Pet Carriers

BikeExchange also has a range of cool bike baskets designed specifically for pets. These breathable baskets usually include a bottom pad, mesh covers, and reflective material to keep your furry friend safe and comfortable throughout the ride.

How to install a bike basket?

The installation method for bike baskets varies from model to model, but every one of our products comes with detailed instructions to guide you through the process. It typically involves strapping heavy-duty leather or hook-and-loop fasteners onto your handlebars.

Meanwhile, a rack-mounted small rear bike basket may require tools that are included in the package. Make sure you check the instructions for a smooth installation experience.

BikeExchange has a massive collection of bikes and bike accessories from renowned manufacturers like Giant, Electra, and Pinarello. Place an order now!

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