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Bell Helmets


Bell Helmets Cycling Products for Sale

Whatever type of helmet you’re looking for, you will find what you need in the range from Bell. In fact, you will see Bell helmets being used by everyone from professional racing drivers, to grand tour competitors, to commuters on their way to work on a hectic Monday morning. The range offers various features focusing on protection, comfort, usability.

Over the years Bell has led the way in helmet technology. For example, it was the first company to produce a Kevlar helmet, and the first to produce a helmet that was fire retardant. In fact, it was the first company to produce a full-face helmet – before Bell, all helmets only covered the top of a rider’s head.

Like many other companies, its origins were more humble than the industry-leading brand we know today. That start was in 1954 in a garage in Bell in California as a division of Bell Auto Parts. Today it is owned by Vista Outdoor, the Utah-based sports product manufacturer which also owns other cycling brands like Giro.

Bell Helmets Product Range

The range of Bell bike helmets is extensive and is categorized depending on the style of riding. The helmets all include the latest technology in helmet design with features like visors that automatically adjust to the light, and styles like ergonomically fitting helmets that can be adjusted with one hand.

The range also includes the latest in helmet safety and rider protection technology. For example, some of the helmets in the range feature MIPS. It is the multi-directional impact protection system developed by scientists and neurosurgeons in Sweden. It is used by the best helmet manufacturers in the world (including in Bell’s high performance helmets) to offer riders the maximum level of protection possible.

You will find the full Bell Helmets product range on Bike Exchange. This includes:

Mountain bikes – includes high performance models for racers at all levels as well as helmets for the more casual and recreational rider.

Road helmets– like the mountain bike range, you will find options to suit all styles and class of rider. There are also specialist models, such as time trial helmets.

BMX helmets – a range for BMX riders and racers as well as skateboarders.

• Lifestyle helmets – this is the range specifically designed for recreational and casual riders, balancing protection technology, comfort features, and cost.

• Youth range – helmets for teenagers and children.

• Women's range – a specially designed range called Joy Ride.

• Limited editions – special designs made in low quantities and for limited periods of time.

• Accessories - helmet mounted lights, chin bars, and visors.

Bell Helmets Sponsorship

Bell runs the Joy Ride program. It is an initiative that encourages women to take up non-competitive mountain biking. There are organised mountain bike rides that women can join as part of the program. The idea is to complete challenging courses for fun and fitness, without the need for racing.

The company is also involved professional cycling sports. This includes sponsoring individual riders in mountain bike, BMX, and road racing events. They also sponsor teams: Team Kuota-Lotto in road racing, Team Boulder Sport in cyclocross, and Team BH Gravity in downhill.