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Nutcase Helmets is a company that wants you to love your helmet and to treat like you would any other item of clothing or fashion accessory. Of course, they are designed to keep you safe too, and pass all necessary impact tests. Therefore, it is not all about design, but design does play a much bigger role in the production of Nutcase Helmets than in most other brands.

In addition to cycling helmets, the company also manufactures skateboarding helmets, motorcycle helmets, and helmets for winter and water sports.

Nutcase’s approach to helmet manufacture moves beyond the purely functional role that most helmets have in the lives of cyclists. The one possible exception is if you are under six as you have plenty of design options – superheroes, cartoon characters, and more. After the age of six, however, bland and boring is the norm.

Not with Nutcase Helmets, however, as its designs are stylish, fun, and interesting.

The company is based in the most bike-friendly city in America – Portland, Oregon. It was founded in 2000 by Michael Morrow. He once worked as Nike's creative director. He wanted to make safe helmets but include graphics that were fun, stylish, and interesting.

Nutcase Helmets continues to innovate with this philosophy as there is almost an infinite number of designs that could be put on a helmet. Each year it holds a competition where it picks three artists from around the world to come up with new designs for its range.

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Nutcase Helmets Product Range

At first glance, the style of products in the Nutcase Helmets range has a closer resemblance to jockey or equestrian helmets than bike helmets. There is less ventilation, the helmets come down further over your ears and neck, and there are visors to give your eyes some protection from the sun or rain. The style is retro with a modern twist, and they look fantastic.

The features include lightweight and compact construction. The helmets are breathable too, so your head won't feel too warm or sweaty inside.

There are adjustable dials so you can get the fitting just right, plus you get three different sizes of pad sets. The shell is made from durable polycarbonate with expanded polystyrene foam inside. The chin straps are easy to adjust, and there is a chin pad designed to keep you comfortable and warm.

One of the coolest features, however, is the magnetic buckle. This can be operated with one hand, and it makes getting your helmet on and off simple. The days of pinching your chin as you click in a buckle are gone when you start wearing Nutcase Helmets.

The options you have available are Metroride and Street, plus the children’s models Little Nutty and Baby Nutty.

In addition to helmets you can also buy spare parts and accessories. This includes ear pads, replacement visors, and replacement pad sets.

Nutcase Helmets Sponsorship

Nutcase Helmets does not make racing helmets so is not involved in any athlete sponsorship arrangements.