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Abus is a German locks and security products manufacturer. In fact, it’s one of the best known names in the industry. Part of its range includes cycle locks.

The company was founded in 1924 making padlocks. Its first bicycle-specific lock was produced in 1958. The lock was circular to fit around the bike's frame, and was opened with a combination. The company's first u-lock, one of the most common types of bicycle lock available today, was made in 1971.

Today the range is more extensive and includes the latest in security technology and design features. These make Abus locks more secure but also more user friendly for the modern cyclist. The famous u-lock is still part of the range.

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Abus Locks Product Range

Abus offers a range of different locks to suit the varying needs of cyclists. They combine both security and deterrent characteristics.

Cable locks - flexible and lightweight locks that are bent into shape to secure the bike. Both combination lock and key options are available.

• Coil cable locks - this range of locks is similar to the cable locks range, except the cable is longer. This makes it easier to secure bikes where access is difficult.

• Folding locks - this range of locks offers high levels of security. The unique design means the lock folds in on itself to make carrying easy. It then folds out to secure the bike.

• Frame locks - locks that prevent bikes from being used. The bike is not attached to anything, so this type of lock doesn’t prevent theft, but they are useful devices in many low-risk situations.

• Holders - one of the biggest problems that cyclists face with securing their bike is carrying the lock around with them. They look unsightly when fixed under the seat and can damage the bike. That usually means a bag that either has to be carried or fixed to the bike. This range of lock holders offers an alternative. There are options for all Abus locks, and they are designed specifically to be used on bikes.

• Lock chain combinations - using the traditional chain and lock, but with modern security features built in. This includes high strength chains that are protected, plus options for either key or combination locks.

• Special locks - this range includes options designed for the various situations and locations that cyclists face every day. It offers solutions where normal bike locks don't work.

• Steel-O-Flex - a cable lock made from toughened steel. This makes the lock even more secure.

U-Locks - the traditional u-lock design with modern components and design features. This type of lock is still regarded by many as being the best way to secure a bike.

• Anchors - that can be attacked to walls or floors. They are for cyclists who don't have a good fixing point to secure their bike at home.

Abus Locks Sponsorship

Abus is not involved in any sports cycling sponsorships.

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