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Kryptonite is one of the world's leading brands of bicycle locks. In fact, it was one of the first brands to develop a lock specifically for bikes - the u-lock. It’s a design that has been modernized and adapted, but it is still the design of choice for many lock manufacturers and cycling enthusiasts today.

In addition to the u-lock, the range of Kryptonite locks also includes other options. This includes chains, disc locks, cable locks, and more.

The story of how the u-lock - and Kryptonite - became popular is now legendary. It happened in 1972, one year after the company was founded and the u-lock was invented. Kryptonite founder Michael Zane teamed up with a bicycle shop in New York to prove how good the Kryptonite u-lock was.

Until then most bikes were secured with a chain and padlock. How secure the bike was depended on the quality of the chain.

The test the Kryptonite lock was put through took place in New York, a city which was much different then than it is now. A bike left unattended, even when locked, would always attract the attention of thieves. Kryptonite’s test involved locking a high value bicycle to a New York lamppost for 30 days. The lock was tampered with multiple times, and every removable part of the bike was stolen, but the thieves were unable to steal the bike itself. The Kryptonite u-lock had passed the test.

Today, Kryptonite remains at the forefront of bike lock design and manufacture. It also makes locks and security devices for motorcycles, scooters, ATVs, snowmobiles, and more. The company is owned by Allegion, the security products company based in Ireland.

Kryptonite Locks Product Range

The Kryptonite locks range is split into categories depending on the level of security the lock offers. This ranges from ultimate security locks that are designed primarily for busy metropolitan areas where there is a high chance of attempted theft, down to secondary security locks which offer some level of protection but are mostly designed to be a deterrent. You can find them all on Bike Exchange.

The style of locks available includes:


Chain locks

• Disc locks

Cable locks

• Padlocks

• Specialty locks

• Foldable locks

• Ring locks

The locks Kryptonite manufactures are award winning, and the company continues to innovate. For example, they have released a range called Gravity Line. It secures wheels that can often be stolen without taking the full bike. The Gravity Line prevents wheels from being removed from a bike unless the bike is upside down. This is impossible to do if the bike is secured to a post or other fixture.

Kryptonite also makes locks for a variety of uses. For example, they have locks designed for couriers that are quick and easy to use and have durable mechanisms and keys. They also have locks that can be used in awkward positions.

Kryptonite Locks Sponsorship

Kryptonite is involved in supporting bike couriers and messengers around the world – they’re the cyclists that are among the most frequent users of Kryptonite locks. Kryptonite sponsors the European Cycle Messenger Championships and the Cycle Messenger World Champions.

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