Bike Work Stands


Bike workstands and repair stands

If you walk into any bike shop around the country, you’ll likely find a bike mechanic working with the aid of a workstand. Workstands, also known as repair stands, aren’t just limited to shop use. Ensuring easy access, making maintenance tasks a breeze, they make a handy addition to any cyclist’s tool kit. When considering a workstand, portability and how you wish to mount your bike are two factors to take into account.


Bike workstands will come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit different needs. Compact bike stands are easily folded for storage when not in use. They’re a great option if you travel frequently with your bike, or you don’t have a dedicated work area set up at home. Permanent work stands make a great centerpiece to any dedicated bike work space. Solidly built and typically fixed to the floor, wall or bench, they are more than capable of holding your bike stable when tackling tougher jobs like helping free a seized seatpost or loosening tight pedals.

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Types of work stands for sale

The two common types of workstands feature either a tube clamp, or a bottom bracket/axle mounted design. Tube clamp style workstands are the most common option, usually attaching to either the seatpost or frame tube, they allow work to be undertaken on the bike without removing the bikes wheels. Bottom bracket/Axle mount workstands, also known as Race Stands are favored by race teams due to the secure mount they provide. With some aero, or super lightweight carbon bikes, clamping a seat post or frame tube is not possible, or not recommended. Thanks to their ability to swivel, this style of workstand allows access to all areas of a bike without the mechanic needing to move, making them great for work in tight spaces.

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