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Basso Bikes

Basso Bikes is an Italian brand of high-performance bikes. It is a company that was formed in the 1970s by a famous cycling family, and it still produces handmade bikes from its Italian factory. The models include those used by professional cyclists in the most demanding of environments, through to models for everyday riders who have a deep passion for cycling.

Three brothers are behind the Basso Bikes brand. They are Marino, Renato, and Alcide. All three were cyclists, but Marino was the most successful in racing. He won three grand tours and the World Cycling Championship. This was in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

At around this time Alcide Basso was also involved in cycling, but his passion was on the mechanical side. He worked for a number of teams before opening his own workshop in 1974 in an old garage. This led to his first bike shop, which he opened in 1976; this in turn led to the formation of Basso Bikes, with the help of his brothers, in 1977.

The factory where the bikes are still made today was opened in 1981. It is in Dueville, which is outside Vicenza in Italy.

Basso Bikes’ frames are handmade at this factory in individual pieces. The company has always been at the cutting edge of cycling technology, using the latest production techniques and high quality materials, many of which come from the aerospace industry before being adapted to cycling.

They are also involved in the sport of cycling, working with professional cyclists to improve and refine their product range.

Basso Road Bikes

Basso Bikes makes a range of road bikes. At the top of the range is the Diamante , a professional-grade racing bike with exceptional aerodynamic characteristics and performance components. It is a bike that is used by a number of professional and amateur bike racers.

Other racing bikes in the Basso Bikes range include the Astra , Venta, and Laguna. It also makes a futuristic time trial bike called the Konos and a track machine called the Pista. A cyclocross bike is included in the range (the Fastcross Disc), as well as a lifestyle road bike made for more leisurely cycles, although still built with road bike characteristics. This is called the Ulisse.

Basso Bikes are made from the latest materials, including carbon, but originally the company manufactured bikes using steel. In homage to this history it still includes a steel bike in its line-up - the Viper.

You can also get bike accessories from Basso Bikes, and a range of clothing.

Basso Bikes Sponsorship

Throughout its history Basso Bikes has been involved in racing. After all, the company's founders came from both the racing and mechanical sides of the sport. Given its focus on producing road bikes, it is not surprising that the company’s support for the sport of cycling is also focused on road racing. Basso Bikes sponsors a number of teams, professional cyclists, and amateur racers.

It uses these partnerships to improve its range of bikes. The technological advances it makes in racing eventually end up in its range of production bikes.

Haro Bikes for Sale

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