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Brooklyn Bicycle Co Bikes


History of the Brooklyn Cycles Brand

Brooklyn Cycles makes a range of stylish bikes that are designed for living with, not just riding. They are carefully crafted machines for exploring, getting around your city, meeting friends, going to work, and living life. They look fantastic, they are comfortable to ride, and they are built to last.

Brooklyn Cycles is a bike brand that is fiercely proud of its Brooklyn roots. Although the style of bike borrows much from the leisure bikes you will find in Holland and other parts of Europe, they are built for riding and living in Brooklyn. Of course this doesn't prevent you from getting the most out a Brooklyn Cycles bike if you live in another city or town, but understanding the Brooklyn connection is important to understanding the brand - a Brooklyn Cycles rider is almost always seen with his or her bike.

The bikes are manufactured in China and Taiwan, but they are designed and specified in Brooklyn - the well-known bike designer Grant Petersen was involved in the design of many of the models. As a result all of the bikes in the range are stylish and comfortable to ride but one of the biggest selling points of a Brooklyn Cycles bike is its durability. They are bikes that are truly built to last. In fact the frames come with a lifetime warranty, and all of the component parts are carefully selected, well made, and thoroughly tested.

Brooklyn Cycles are not bikes built for speed, endurance, or rugged terrain, but they are bikes that want to be ridden every day as you go about living and enjoying life.

Range Of Brooklyn Cycles Bikes

All of the bikes in the Brooklyn Cycles range are city bikes. This means they all have a comfortable, upright riding position. The saddles are cushy and are made from weather proof vegan leather, as are the grips. Other weather proof features can be found across all the bikes in the range, including stainless steel fittings and chains with a rust preventing coating.

The frames are made from durable and strong chromoly steel. These frames are also flexible so are forgiving when going over bumps, plus they are light so the bikes don't feel cumbersome.

Durability is one of the key features throughout the range. An example is the nylon strips that are on the rims to help protect the tires. All of these features mean Brooklyn Cycles bikes can be used in all weather conditions while maintaining their performance and quality.

The range features models in various styles, including those with a low step-through and/or luggage racks. There is also a range of different prices in order to suit every budget. A number of different colour options are available, and each bike, regardless of color, gets a double coat of paint.

In addition to bikes you can also get a range of accessories from Brooklyn Cycles. This includes handcrafted wooden crates designed for fitting to a rear carrier, as well as different color saddles and apparel.

Brooklyn Bicycle Co Bikes for Sale

At BikeExchange, we bring the marketplace to your computer or mobile device. We offer a wide assortment of Brooklyn Bicycle Co bikes for sale by independent bike shops and private sellers from all over the United States. Depending on the retailer and the product, you can make a purchase in one of several easy and convenient ways:

  • Click & Collect: Pay online and make arrangements to pick up the bike at the retail shop.

  • In-Store: Contact the retailer directly to make your own payment and collection arrangements.