Cervelo Bikes


Cervelo History

Cervelo is a Canadian bicycle manufacturer that has engineered a number of innovative performance race bikes that are revered globally. Cervelo road bikes are separated in to three main series, each of which has their own design philosophy, ready to accommodate and maximise performance for every type of rider. Check out our guide at bottom of this page for more information about these series, and the range of Cervelo road bikes BikeExchange has on offer!

Originally founded by a pair of engineers in 1995, Cervelo Cycles continues to make superior engineering the core of its bicycle design process. Known for producing some of the fastest and lightest bikes in the world, Cervelo continues to stress innovation with every new bicycle design. Cervelo Bikes are the preferred choice of many top road racers and triathletes from around the world. BikeExchange provides the most efficient way to bring Cervelo bike buyers and sellers together.

Cervelo Bikes Range

There are 5 distinct bike in the Cervelo range being the C, S, R, P and T Series.

Cervelo Sponsorship

Cervelo are active sponsors of Road Race teams. They also host and participate in many programs that assist Canadian veterans.

We Make Buying a Cervelo Bike Easy

When you purchase a Cervelo bike from BikeExchange, you have multiple convenient and flexible options. You can:

  • Make payment online and arrange to pick up your Cervelo bicycle at the designated retailer.
  • Contact the retailer directly to make your own payment, pickup and delivery arrangements.
  • As a BikeExchange customer, you also have warranty protection and the opportunity to return your bike for a refund if you’re not completely satisfied.

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