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Del Sol Bikes


History of Del Sol Bikes

Del Sol is Spanish for "of the sun" so is a fitting name for this range of cruiser bikes from California. Del Sol Bicycles is a small company, with most of the distribution and dealer network based in that state, but it has gained a reputation for creating lifestyle bikes that are stylish and comfortable to ride.

The brand doesn't try to be anything else. Riding a Del Sol Bicycles bike is simply about the love of cycling. The range appeals to leisure cyclists, commuters, or anyone looking for a mode of transport that has two wheels and no engine.

There are around 18 models in the Del Sol Bicycles range, with a variation of styles, colors, designs, and prices. This means there is something to suit all tastes and budgets. You’ll find a great selection of them here on Bike Exchange from a range of different sellers. We’re the marketplace for everything bike.

Del Sol Product Range

The Del Sol Bicycles product range is split into three categories - cruiser, luxury, and D street.

The cruise range has a beach theme. The models include:

Shoreliner - aluminium frame with 3-sped hub, swept back handlebars, and a sprung saddle

Tradewind - lightweight aluminium frame with single speed-coaster brake rear hub, full fenders, and chain guard

Railer Plus - fat three-inch tires and a more upright riding position give this model a more adventurous feel

Cantina 7 - a seven-speed bike with hi-ten steel frame

Cantina - a single-speed version of the above bike

The luxury range prioritizes design and high-quality components. The models include:

LXI 9.2 - the top of the range model with 27 speeds, two-inch tires, and disc brakes

LXI 7.2 - 24-speed model with a lightweight frame and comfortable saddle

LXI 7.1 - a 21-speed version of the above

LXI 6.1 - a 21 speed bike with upright riding position and all-purpose tires

LXI 6.0 - a seven-speed version of the above

The D Street range of bikes from Del Sol Bicycles are designed to be more practical for modern living - commuting, going to the store, etc. They have a more efficient riding position, fenders to protect your clothes, and racks for carrying. The models include:

• Ora 3 and Seren 3 - with a three-speed internal hub, swept back handlebars, and comfort saddle. The Ora 3 is the model for men, while the Seren 3 is designed for women. • Ora 7 and Seren 7 - a seven-speed version of the above. Like the above, the Ora 7 is for men and the Seren 7 is for women.

A sub-set of the D Street range of Del Sol Bicycles bikes is the Projekt Series. It’s a range of bikes that move more into the fitness category rather than the leisure and cruiser category. The base one-speed model is simple, stripped back, and attractive. Eight, 21, and 24 speed versions are also available, with the latter also featuring disc brakes.

Del Sol Sponsorship

Del Sol Bicycles manufacturers cruisers and leisure bikes, not bikes for competitive racing. It is therefore not involved in any sponsorship arrangements.