Electra Bikes


Electra Bikes

Electra bikes are known for their style, comfort, and durability. The brand produces cruiser bikes that have gained immense popularity since they first came out decades ago. It combines the traditional design of beach cruisers and modern bicycle technology to create some of the most innovative bikes on the market.

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Why are Electra bikes so popular?

Electra bikes are popular among casual cyclists because of their superior comfort, ideal for daily commuting. They use a patented technology that moves the pedals forward relative to the saddle. This technology allows the rider to plant their feet flat on the ground at any time while maintaining full leg extension when pedaling. Moreover, Electra bikes are available in step-over and step-through frames that allow you to maneuver on and off the bike with ease.

  • Cruiser Bikes: These lightweight bikes are the bread and butter of Electra. They have an upright frame geometry that helps minimize soreness after you go on a ride. You can also choose to upgrade these bikes with lights and fenders for added versatility.

Electra cruiser bikes have single-speed models, but you can also get ones that are equipped with three-speed and seven-speed derailleurs. You can also find models with front trays for holding all your essentials.

These bikes take the retro cruiser bike to the next level by integrating modern refinements to make them suitable for today’s city streets. In addition, their vintage balloon wheels allow you to venture beyond paved roads without a problem.

  • Electric Bikes: These bikes merge the simplicity of the beach cruiser with the power of an electric motor. The pedal-assist system gives you smooth support, so you can tackle steep hills and partake in long rides. You can find electric bikes that have single-speed drivetrains, as well as models that have five-speed, seven-speed, eight-speed, nine-speed, and ten-speed derailleurs. There are even models equipped with fenders and chain guards to give them that classic aesthetic appeal.

Most of these electric bikes have disc brakes to ensure that you can stop on a dime without worry. They also come with controller screens that let you monitor how much battery charge you have left throughout the ride.

  • Urban Bikes: These bikes help you maneuver the city streets and make you look good while doing it. Their frames are made of lightweight but durable aluminum and feature upright geometry to give you optimal comfort and control on your daily commuter.

Electra urban bikes put the fun in functionality. These bikes require minimal maintenance so that you can conquer the city streets without worry. You can even add front baskets or rear racks for the storage needed when you go on grocery runs.

  • Tandem Bikes: These bikes let you go on exciting adventures with a friend. They are much easier to handle than traditional tandem bikes due to their lightweight aluminum frame and modern components. It is impossible not to have fun on this bike!

  • Kids’ Bikes: Electra manufactures a colorful array of kids’ bikes that embodies the nature of being a child. You can choose from different colors and designs suitable for both boys and girls. There are even models that have adjustable pedal mounts and dual-position crank arms designed to accommodate growth spurts!

These bikes also have lightweight alloy frames, allowing children to carry them over stairs with relative ease. In addition, their puncture-resistant tires ensure your little ones can go on adventures with little worry about dealing with flats. Moreover, all models come with chain guards as an enhanced safety measure.

Unsure which type of bike is suitable for your needs? Give us a call! Our friendly representatives would be more than happy to answer your questions.

What factors should you consider before buying an Electra bike?

Electra bikes are designed for those who value comfort over performance, but there are a couple of factors that need your consideration:


The ideal number of gears or speeds on your bike depends on your typical riding conditions. A single-speed bike is more than sufficient if you intend to use the bike mainly on the flat streets around your neighborhood. But if you want to scale some hills or travel out of town, you are undoubtedly better off with a multi-speed bike.

Electra has both single-speed and multi-speed bikes. Moreover, their thick balloon tires are strong enough to endure debris if you decide to venture onto gravel roads.

Brake Type

Electra bikes are equipped with different types of brakes that provide different levels of stopping power.

  • Coaster: This type of braking system gets engaged when you pedal backward. It delivers less strain on the hands because it is controlled using your foot. Electra uses this system on some of their cruisers and kids’ models. Caliper: This brake is the most common type of brake on recreational bikes. It works by clamping down on the rim when you pull the brake lever. Electra employs this type of brake on most of their kids’ bikes.

  • Linear Pull: This type of brake works similarly to caliper brakes, but it uses two opposing mechanisms on either side of the rim instead of one solid piece. Electra uses this braking system on cruiser, urban, and kids’ bikes.

  • Disc: This type of brake is more powerful than both caliper and linear-pull brakes. It uses a complex system that clamps on a rotor fixed in the center of the wheel instead of the metal rims. Electra employs this type of brake for some cruiser bikes and most electric bikes.

How to maintain your Electra bike in good condition?

Electra bikes require significantly less maintenance than mountain bikes or road bikes because they have fewer and simpler components. Just make sure to wipe it down and lubricate the moving parts periodically. If you plan to get an electric bike, make sure you have it regularly checked by a competent mechanic.

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