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Electra Bikes are built for everyone – not just top performing athletes and sports fanatics. Their bikes feature a re-engineered frame geometry for a comfortable, easy-to-control ride that was built to get you where you need to go, and look a little cooler getting you there.

The Townie, Electra’s classic bike, has earned the title of best selling bike in the U.S. The Townie was designed with an upright seating position and Electra’s twice-patented Flat Foot Technology, so riders can enjoy a relaxed riding position and the confidence of being able to plant both feet flat on the ground at any moment. The Townie range has been expanded to include a variety of gearing and tire options, as well as a new battery-powered, pedal assisted model, the Townie Go!

Electra Bike Range

The Townie was just the beginning for Electra. Today the company offers a number of collections with different models in each line.

  • Townie: The Townie range includes both men’s and ladies’ models with single, 3, 7, 8 or 21-speed gearing. With the exception of the Townie Original, all models come fully equipped with color-matched fenders, front and rear LED lights, and internally routed cables.
  • Townie Go!: The Townie’s motorized brother, upgraded in 2016 to feature a Bosch frame mount mid-motor for a wider range of power and more natural center of gravity. Models include both options for both Men and Ladies.
  • Loft: A lightweight commuter bike designed for urban living. The Loft’s low-maintenance, minimalist design has the speed, comfort and control you need to get where you’re going. Men’s models include single, 3, and 7-speed gearing. The women’s Loft is available in 3 or 7-speed.
  • Amsterdam: Electra’s take on the Dutch city bike featuring a full chainguard and fenders. Available with 3, 7 and 8-speed gearing with both Men’s and Women’s styling options.
  • Ticino: An everyday bike for touring and transportation, inspired by vintage bikes handcrafted in the Italian-speaking region of Ticino in southern Switzerland during the 40s and 50s. The Ticino is available with 7, 8 or 20-speed gearing, and features retro-inspired components and hammered-finish alloy fenders.
  • Cruiser: The bike that started it all. Electra’s cruisers collection includes models with classic styling, as well as distinct fashion ranges for both men and women.
  • Kids: Electra’s range of children’s bikes includes a whopping 23 models of 16” and 20” bikes with kid-sized saddles, bars and grips so little ones will enjoy the perfect fit.

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