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Firmstrong Bikes


Firmstrong Bikes Cycling Products for Sale

Firmstrong is a Californian company that makes cruiser bikes. This is a style that has always been popular, but that popularity has been growing as more people get back to bikes as a form of transportation. Many people do this to live a more active lifestyle and to help protect the environment. The cruiser-style bike fits perfectly with this ideal as they are more comfortable and relaxing to ride.

Many bike manufacturers have recognized this trend so include cruiser options in their range, but Firmstrong bikes are different—it’s all about cruisers. Cruiser bikes are not an extension to a wider product range or an afterthought—Firmstrong bikes are cruiser bikes.

This brings a number of benefits to people that ride Firmstrong bikes. This includes styling, which is exceptional across the range. They are the sort of bike that is almost as enjoyable to look at as it is to ride.

Firmstrong bikes are not just about aesthetics however. It also makes excellent quality bikes. This means using high quality materials and modern components to ensure their bikes require as little maintenance as possible. They are durable, so expect to ride your Firmstrong bike for as long as you want.

Finally, they are an excellent value for the money. This is an important ideal for the brand as it wants to get as many people on bikes as possible—preferably, for them, bikes with the Firmstrong brand name. That means converting people that already love cycling and want a cruiser bike as a second (or third) option in their collection. They also want people that don’t currently cycle to take it up again and to do so by riding a Firmstrong bike.

Firmstrong Bike Range

All Firmstrong Bikes are cruisers, but they come in a number of different designs and colors so you are sure to find one that you’ll fall in love with. They are made from steel frames and have varying features and specifications. For example, there are single speed models with coaster brakes as well as three-speed and seven-speed options with more traditional brakes (i.e., brake levers on the handlebars).

Cruiser bikes are designed for beach riding as much as riding on harder surfaces, so Firmstrong fits tires with a wide diameter and thick treads to its models.

A number of different sizes are available, but the bikes in the range do have some similarities. This includes the seating position, which is about as upright as it is possible to be on a bike. Also, the seats are very comfortable, and the handlebars are wide and high.

Getting on a Firmstrong Bikes bike is also easy as they come with low step through frame designs.

In addition to the range of bikes the brand offers, you can also get accessories and parts.