Fuji Bikes


Fuji Bikes

Fuji bikes are one of the most popular brands of bikes around at the moment. At BikeExchange, we stock a great collection of Fuji bikes, from adult bikes to kids bikes and accessories to suit almost every budget.

Fuji is named after one of the world’s highest mountain peaks and is a specialty bicycle company founded in Japan in 1899, meaning they’ve been around making bicycles for over a century. If anyone knows bikes in the industry, it’s these guys. Fuji has never stopped innovating, combining world-class engineering, mechanics, and professional athletes to develop the race-winning technology that every bike is built on. No matter the terrain—whether you’re on the road, on gravel, on trails, or a hybrid in between—Fuji delivers a quality range of bikes for almost every type of riding.

Known as a classic brand in the world of cycling, Fuji bikes have stood the test of time, and they’re not shy about letting their customers know. Built from a range of different materials with aluminum and carbon among them, their bikes are durable and deliver on performance, which is what makes them such an iconic brand.

If you’re gearing up for a competition, be it speed or endurance, the range of Fuji cycles has you covered. If you’re into adventure, touring, and mountain biking, they always have something to suit your needs. If you need a cruiser or comfort ride, are into fitness, or even after an electric bike, they’ve got your back there as well. Fuji is one of the most prolific bike companies globally, and their long history makes them a brand you can trust. You can be sure that with Fuji bikes, you’re getting value and quality.

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Why are Fuji bikes so popular?

The popularity of Fuji bikes is that for a high-end brand, they are still quite affordable, giving competitors in similar categories a challenging time. Fuji has been leading the charge on cutting-edge, high-performance bikes for decades beyond many of their rivals, giving them a lot of knowledge and history to draw on when it comes to designing for the future.

Fuji bikes have historically been the popular choice for many competitive cycling events from the early 1900s to today. They’ve enjoyed notoriety for a long time, and they also deliver on the promise of their brand every time.

Fuji bikes can also be endlessly personalized to suit you and your riding personality. Built to complement a range of accessories from Shimano drivetrains to upgraded seats, forks, handlebars, saddle posts, and even your choice of wheel and hydraulic brake, it has infinitely customizable components. They’re also pretty easy to assemble, repair, and maintain—with an almost indestructible frame that makes them a dream bike for many.

Fuji has also been pretty flexible when it comes to their design, meaning that even when they’re designing gender-specific bikes, they have a neutral finish to ensure that anyone can ride any Fuji bike. Their bikes are popular from professionals to amateurs to kids, and a Fuji bike is a great investment for your cycling future.

How to decide which bike is right for you?

Deciding which of the wide variety of Fuji bikes is for you is really about deciding what kind of riding you want this bike for because Fuji spans just about every cycling category. You’re spoilt for choice with options built for the road, mountain bikes, dual suspension or hardtail, gravel, city, electric and hybrid, or comfort and cruiser bikes. This means you want to be clear on the type of cycling you’ll be doing.

Do you ride out from home, or do you need to travel to your riding route?

Once you decide on the kind of riding you’ll be doing, simply hop online at BikeExchange and browse our range. As the Fuji bicycle company says, “Find your Fuji.”

Whether you’re after a Fuji comfort bike, ladies Fuji bike, or a Fuji carbon mountain bike, we’re sure you’ll find your Fuji with us.

Don’t forget to pick up the right accessories to ensure a safe ride, including a quality helmet, footwear, and hydration packs.

How to extend the lifespan of your bike?

If you take care of it, it will take care of you—that’s never been more true than when it comes to Fuji bikes. Yes, these bikes are built to last, but regular maintenance and upgrades will ensure you get the most you can out of your ride. This means taking care of the frame, washing and cleaning your bike (especially after dusty or muddy adventures), upgrading components when it’s time, including rims, tires, spokes, or the entire wheel. Fuji bikes work well with a range of other brands of accessories, so while you have a Fuji bike, you’re not locked into them exclusively.

If you’re not convinced Fuji bikes are for you, BikeExchange has a wide range of other bikes from our hardtail mountain bikes and full-suspension mountain bikes, including brands like Diamondback bikes, Giant mountain bikes, and Cannondale mountain bikes. We also have great road bikes, including Bianchi bikes and Raleigh bikes, so grab yourself a deal with us today.

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