GT Bikes


GT Bikes

GT bikes have almost become synonymous with industry-leading BMX bikes for stunt riding and off-road racing. The company’s history started way back in the early ‘70s when its founder, Gary Turner, created a durable bike frame for his kid who had a passion for dirt-bike racing.

Turner created his first GT frame using his skills acquired from welding drag racing cars. Fortunately, even up to this day, the company stays true to its origin: designing and manufacturing hardy and lightweight GT bikes for BMX racing and Freestyle BMX.

Over the years, the GT bike brand has introduced other types of bikes such as fitness bikes, mountain bikes, road bikes. To learn more about GT bikes, visit BikeExchange – the one-stop shop for cycling enthusiasts who want to compare different brands and models or buy all the things they need, from clothing, helmets, accessories, and replacement parts to bike-specific lubricants and cleaning products.

How to choose the right sized GT bike?

Whether you choose BMX bikes, full-suspension mountain bikes, kids bikes, or commuter electric bikes, there is one basic rule you should always stick to: make sure that their frame fits you. A too small bike will cause your legs to cramp, while a too big frame will make it difficult to mount and dismount.

Using incorrect frame size also results in reduced efficiency and even an unsafe riding experience.

Here, we explain the most important bike size measurements that will help riders buy GT bikes that are of the correct frame size.

Arms. Make a fist and stretch your arm to your side so that it is parallel to the floor and your thumb faces the ceiling. Then, measure from the middle of your first to the end of your collarbone.

Torso. To get your torso length, stand up straight and measure from your groin to the small “V” in your throat, right above your sternum.

Inseam. Also called inner leg measurement, your inseam is the distance between your crotch and your feet. When doing this measurement, stand with your back against a wall and spread your feet 6 to 8 inches apart. Then, raise a book or cardboard against your crotch (this is where the bike seat rests). Have another person measure from the top of the cardboard down to the floor. (Note: You must be barefoot to get an accurate measurement.)

Now that you know how to properly measure your body, continue reading below to understand how your body measurements will determine the right GT bike size.

Stand-over height. This is the distance between the ground and the upper surface of the bike’s top tube. Make sure that your inseam measurement is 2.5 cm to 5 cm higher than the bike’s stand-over height.

Top tube length. This refers to the horizontal distance between the seat tube and the head tube where the handlebar strut sits. You can find the ideal top tube length for a bike by adding your arm and torso measurements, dividing the result by two, and subtracting 15 cm.

Performance and comfort. Whether you’re into freestyle cycling or GT racing bikes, there is a sacrosanct rule you should always follow: choose a model that gives comfort and optimum performance.

Where can I buy GT bike near me?

At BikeExchange, we carry an extensive list of GT bikes, Cannondale mountain bikes, Scott bikes, and other well-known brands. In addition, we offer accessories, components, wheels, tires, clothing, shoes, tools, lubricants, and cleaning products. Think of us as a one-stop shop catering to recreational bicycle riders and hard-core cyclists.

In addition, we have a comprehensive list of local store partners across North America that you can visit. We understand that many of our customers conduct online research but still want to visit a store to inspect (and try) bikes in person. Many of them also prefer to purchase a bike that is assembled by a professional.

If you want to visit one of our local partners, go to our website and click “Find a store” to search for the nearest shop in your area.

At BikeExchange, the entire buying process can be done completely online, or you can purchase online but pick up your bike from our partner store.

How much of the bike will be assembled?

In many cases, bicycles are not delivered fully assembled. Fortunately, this often means a simple task of putting on the pedals and wheels with the use of basic tools. However, in some cases, you may need a bit of mechanical experience and special tools to do your own assembling.

If you want a pro to assemble your GT bikes, simply inform our partner store when you purchase a product from our website. Or you can purchase online and visit the store in person to ask a professional to do the assembly and take it home immediately.

At BikeExchange, we combine the convenience of online shopping and the benefits of working with an extensive directory of stores that serve as a “showroom” where riders can see and inspect products in person.

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