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Kona bikes

The people behind Kona bikes like to call themselves a dedicated group of cycling enthusiasts making bicycles for other people to fall in love with riding. At BikeExchange, we stock a range of Kona bikes, a respected bike brand making quality mountain bikes since 1988.

When it comes to hitting trails fast, safe, and with comfort, Kona mountain bikes are a standout in the world of mountain bikes. What’s so great about the Kona bicycle company is that they build most of their bikes to be versatile so they can transition from trail to road and gravel, and even if you travel between a mix of terrain. Kona bikes aren’t just limited to their mountain bike range, though this is where they cut their teeth and continue to innovate endlessly. They have expanded since their founding in the late ‘80s to develop gravel bikes, commuter road bikes, and even electric bikes.

Performance is never a question with Kona bikes as they’re known for bringing high performance to the trails and off-road cycling. They’re also known for their efficiency, power, and responsive steering. Made from a range of materials including carbon fiber, aluminum, titanium among other metal alloys, they are light and durable.

You can buy Kona online at BikeExchange, from the whole bike to parts such as wheels, a replacement tire, or even the frame, depending on what our independent retailers and private sellers have in stock. Order online today.

Why are Kona bikes so popular?

Kona bikes have carved a foothold for themselves as one of the leading manufacturers of quality, reliable and durable mountain bikes in the world. The reason they are so popular is due to the craftsmanship of their ride. The team at Kona build on their experience as cyclists themselves so they know what they’re looking for when they innovate their bikes. They understand the relationship between the rider and the bike, and aim to enhance that experience by developing some of the best bikes around.

Kona is about promoting the freedom and empowerment that comes with the experience of riding and you can feel that when you take their bikes out for an adventure. Whether you’re in a race to win, out for a leisurely cruise, or rolling around your neighborhood, a Kona bike can take you to many places you didn’t think was possible on a single bike.

Kona bikes can also be personalized. Once you buy Kona frame, you can customize the types of wheels, seat, pedal, and handlebar grips you pair it with. Owners have even been known to update old Kona frames, sanding out the scratches and giving it a new lick of paint to give them a new lease on life.

Kona bikes are meant to last so if you are keen to get a taste of the Kona cycling experience, head over to our collection at BikeExchange.

What size Kona bike should I get?

While anyone who cycles knows that sizing can get a bit confusing and murky with the absence of universal standards, Kona bikes tend to run true to size when it comes to their competitors in their range of mountain bikes.

The size of any bike you purchase should be relative to your own height. Typically, when you hear bike sizing and measurement mentioned, it refers to the length of the seat tube and the top tube. Measurement can also be taken by the distance of the center of the bottom bracket to the end of the seat tube.

If you’re not sure what bike size you need, you can always visit the handy frame size calculator on our site at BikeExchange. We’ve done a little of the hard work for you by breaking down the different types of riding and then providing average height brackets that correspond to relevant frame size recommendations.

How to maintain Kona bikes?

When it comes to maintaining Kona bikes, it’s just like how you do with any other mountain bike. Regular maintenance is a must if you want this ride to go the distance with you. Ideally, after each ride with a Kona bike, you’ll likely be hitting mountainous and trail terrain. Dirt, dust, mud, and debris can do damage to your bike if you’re not diligent about caring for your Kona—you really don’t want to let any of this stuff dry and cake.

You can spray your bike with a hose under gentle pressure, but avoid hitting anywhere with a bearing seal. WD-40 is a commonly used solvent applied to loosen up any dirt on the cassette and clean the chains and derailleur pulleys. Give everything a good scrub with a medium-bristled brush. Then you can rinse Kona bikes down using regular, non-abrasive dish detergent, water, and a rag.

If you’re keen to keep your stead looking polished, give it a wipe down with a towel, otherwise you can drop your bike gently to shake off any excess water and let it air dry.

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