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Marin Bikes Cycling Products for Sale

Marin Bikes was founded in 1986, so it is a relative newcomer in terms of bike manufacturing. However, it was born as the mountain bike trend was going into the mainstream. In fact, one of the founders of Marin Bikes was a famous mountain biker from the 1980s: Joe Murray.

The brand’s connection with mountain biking also comes from its location: Marin County in San Francisco. This is an area full of explored and unexplored trails and is a favorite destination for mountain bikers locally, across the U.S., and around the world. It was therefore a natural place for Marin Bikes to establish itself, but the influence of the location cannot really be understated. On its website, it talks about the area and its mountain biking trails almost as much as it talks about its bikes.

This is a brand that is truly run by bikers for bikers.

The quality of the bikes it produces is exceptional, whether going for a high-spec option that is suitable for competitive racing or a lower priced model. And while the focus is heavily weighted towards mountain bikes, the company also makes a range of other models which it describes as drop bar (road), cyclocross, and pavement.

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Marin Bikes Product Range

The mountain bike range is what Marin Bikes is most famous for. It offers options for each of the major disciplines, including race, sport, trail and enduro. A range of different specifications and sizes are available, including the larger 29-inch wheel options. Their mountain bikes are built to handle tough terrain and are tested on the difficult trails in Marin Bikes’ backyard, so they are a favorite among many enthusiasts of the style and sport.

Cyclocross bikes are also available. The Cortina models are the top of the range options designed for competitive racing, but there are other models for the more recreational rider.

In addition to mountain and cyclocross bikes, Marin Bikes manufactures a range of road bikes. The company describes this category as its drop bar range. It’s wider than road bike categories from most other manufacturers, however, as it also includes touring bikes and a number of bikes it describes as being "beyond road." You can get more standard race models too.

Finally, you can get a range of leisure, commuter and fitness bikes from Marin Bikes too. They come in a range of styles with options for men, women and children. They are all built to the high quality standards you would expect from a company of this stature, and they are made for everyday riding. Frame sets are also available, particularly for its top of the range mountain and road bikes.

Marin Bikes Sponsorship

The sponsorships that Marin Bikes has in place are mostly in the various mountain bike sports. This includes being the main sponsor of the Marin Rabobank Enduro Team.