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Pure Fix Bikes Cycling Products for Sale

Once gears on bikes were introduced, the stature of the fixed gear bike started to diminish. After all, it is much easier to go up hill when you can change gear. Therefore, it is no wonder that the vast majority of bikes sold today, particularly in the adult market, have multiple gears.

While cyclists gained a lot from the introduction of gears, there was also something lost— the purity of cycling, being connected directly with your machine, and enjoying movement without distractions. Though this may be harder to quantify or explain, it is still important to many cyclists.

In 2013, this pure cycling style was given new life with the launch of Pure Fix, a company dedicated to the production of fixie or fixed gear bikes. The bikes they produce have the old fashioned charm described above, plus they are stunning, almost artistically designed machines. They look equally beautiful on the streets of New York, the boardwalks of California, or on a piazza in Italy.

There are other benefits that Pure Fix bikes offer riders in addition to the magical cycling experience. Since they don't have gears, fewer parts are required to manufacture them, so there is a cost savings. Fewer parts also make them lighter, which results in an easier ride. Plus there is less maintenance required.

So, while Pure Fix Bikes remains a niche brand that is almost a cycling sub-culture, it is one that is growing and has an enthusiastic following.

Pure Fix Bikes Product Range

Even though Pure Fix Bikes offers just one style of bike, there are several different options and variations to choose from. One of the major differences between the various models is style, and with the range available, there is one to suit all tastes. You can even get models with glow-in-the-dark paint.

There are however many similarities between the models. For example, they all feature flip-flop hubs that overcome a lingering complaint of fixie bike riders. People are okay with having one gear – that’s the point, after all – however, they don't like the fact that on most fixie bikes you can't coast. In other words, while the bike is moving, you have to pedal. The flip-flop hub on Pure Fix bikes makes it possible to coast.

Another design similarity that most of the models have is radius brakes on the front wheel. Rear brakes are not standard in most of the models, although many people do add them later. In fact, it is common to customize Pure Fix bikes. As a result, some of the pre-owned listings you will see on BikeExchange may have gone through some form of customization. A common alteration is to remove the front brake altogether, bringing the bike back to as pure a style as possible.

Pure Fix Bikes Sponsorship

Pure Fix Bikes supports grass roots cycling and charity cycling initiatives.