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Santa Cruz bikes

Santa Cruz bikes are widely sought after because of their clean design, high resale value, and excellent frame geometry. Although the company is best known for its innovative mountain bikes, it also offers a range of versatile gravel bikes to suit different preferences. If you’re interested in getting one of its latest models, we can help.

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Santa Cruz began as a humble startup over two decades ago, but it has rapidly grown to become one of the most respected brands in the industry. The company now offers a variety of mountain bikes and gravel bikes that continue to set the standard.

Santa Cruz bikes can be split into two general categories:

  • Mountain Bikes: These bikes are known for their innovative suspension systems that strike a perfect balance between pedaling efficiency and shock absorption. Santa Cruz also offers hardtail alternatives for riders who prefer a more responsive experience.

  • Gravel Bikes: These bikes share similar characteristics to road bikes, but their designs prioritize comfort over performance. They feature long wheelbases and tall head tubes, allowing riders to sit in an upright and relaxed position. These bikes are also remarkably versatile, as you can take them on a ride over many different surfaces. In fact, they are widely used as touring bikes for multiple-day excursions.

  • Electric Bikes: Santa Cruz also has a line of electric mountain bikes. These bikes enable you to explore previously unreachable trails through battery-powered assisted pedaling.

Are Santa Cruz bikes really worth it?

Santa Cruz bikes have long been considered some of the best in the business. Although they tend to be more expensive than most alternatives, their prices are well-justified. Their innovative full-suspension design enables riders to generate tremendous forward trajectory while cushioning impact from even the worst terrain.

Engineers take advantage of this configurable suspension design to strike a balance between pedaling efficiency and shock absorption. Moreover, some models allow you to adjust your body position using a flip-chip in the suspension linkage. All these premium features and components combine to make Santa Cruz bikes worth their respective prices.

How to choose the right Santa Cruz bike?

It’s hard to go wrong with Santa Cruz bikes, but some models are more suited to your preferences than others. That’s why it’s crucial to consider factors like geometry, suspension system, and riding terrain. Fortunately, the company’s wide range of mountain bikes and gravel bikes ensures you have something to meet your demands.

If you’re getting a mountain bike, you should take the suspension system into account because it has a considerable effect on your riding experience.

  • Hardtail Mountain Bikes: These bikes feature suspension shocks on the front but not the rear. The lack of rear suspension makes them more lightweight and cheaper than full-suspension alternatives. Moreover, experienced riders often prefer hardtail bikes because of the responsiveness they provide.

  • Full-Suspension Mountain Bikes: These bikes have suspension shocks on both the front and rear. The components needed for these shocks add considerable weight, but they deliver maximum comfort on the even roughest terrain, making them suitable for enduro racing.

If you’re still unsure which Santa Cruz bikes are suited to your needs, consult with our experts over the phone. We would be more than happy to share our knowledge to help you find the perfect bike.

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Where can I buy Santa Cruz bikes near me?

BikeExchange lets you buy Santa Cruz bikes over the internet. Our extensive network spans hundreds of bike shops nationwide to offer flexible pickup and delivery options.

Upon checkout, you can choose from one of the four options listed below:

  • Ships within the US: Products that support this option can be delivered right to your home. Just place your order, and we'll have it processed and shipped in no time.

  • In-Store: This option lets you pick up the product at a designated bike shop. Using our store locator, you can find shops near you and check out their inventory.

  • Private Ad: Posts of this type are made by private sellers. You can contact them directly to arrange a meetup or a shipment.

  • Click & Collect: We allow you to pay for the products directly from our website so that you can pick them up at a designated store.

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