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State Bicycle Co manufactures a wide range of bikes, but its main focus is on a very niche style of bike—the fixed gear and single speed bike. It is a retro style that has been gaining increasing popularity recently.

For a start, cycling enthusiasts love the appearance of both fixed gear and single speed bikes. Since they don't have gears, they are stripped of all the shifter mechanisms, cables, derailleurs, and sprockets. The result is much cleaner lines and less clutter. Some people passionate about the style go even further, removing things like brakes and including the levers and cables (they slow down or stop by pedalling backwards).

There are a number of other things that people love about fixed gear and single speed bikes, and they are the things that State Bicycle Co Bikes is capitalizing on. This includes the fact that they are both lighter and cheaper to buy. Both of these benefits are the result of fewer components, which means less weight and lower costs. Fewer components also mean less maintenance, as not as much can go wrong.

All of these benefits are selling points that State Bicycle Co focus on considerably; however, the biggest selling point, which has made the brand so successful, is the wonderfully pure experience of riding this distraction-free type of bike. When you are on a fixed gear or single speed bike, you are one with the machine in way that no other style delivers, and advocates of the niche love it.

Since 2009 when it was founded, State Bicycle Co has been at the forefront of this growing niche. They produce stunning and high quality bikes and have pushed technology forward while remaining true to their ideals. They also offer one of the widest ranges available, with fixed gear and single speed bikes offered in styles that most manufacturers sell with a multitude of gears, including mountain bikes, road bikes, and cyclocross bikes.

State Bicycle Co Bikes Product Range

The vast majority of bikes in the State Bicycle Co Bikes range are fixed gear and single speed bikes. The styles are released in limited quantities, and they all look stunning. The range includes:

State Bicycle Co Bikes Sponsorship

While State Bicycle Co is not involved in the sport of cycling like more mainstream brands, it does support cycling advocacy and fixed gear cycling groups and initiatives. In particular, it sponsors riders and organizes events, including races.

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