Sunday Bikes


Sunday is a relative newcomer when it comes to BMX bikes, but it has made a significant impression. It was launched in 2005 and since then it has gained a reputation for bike design that is different to the normal way of doing things. The aim is to deliver high quality materials with durable construction. It is also backed up by a team that eats, sleeps, and breathes BMX bikes.

In fact, BMX bikes is the only style of bike that Sunday produces. It is, therefore, not distracted with lots of other riding styles and types of rider. All of its focus is on making the best BMX bikes that it can, while serving BMX bike enthusiasts, competitors, and racers.

To get an understanding of Sunday's innovative approach to design, you only have to look at one of the first products it produced. At the time (2005), most bars on the market where seven-inch-something, but the Triumph bars from Sunday were eight-inch.

Sunday has also led the way in other technical and design innovations. This includes heat-treating frames and components using the 41 thermal heat-treating process, as well as the use of hollow dropouts.

The company continues to innovate and refine the way BMX bikes are designed. Much of this developed is done in conjunction with some of the best BMX riders in the world - riders that Sunday has sponsorship arrangements with.

The range of Sunday bikes is well respected. Bike Exchange, the marketplace for everything bike, features a great selection from a range of sellers.

Sunday Product Range

Sunday's range of products includes complete bikes as well as BMX frames and parts.

One of the top BMX bikes in its range is the Soundwave Special. It is a Gary Young signature bike and features a cutting-edge frame and fork, Odyssey clutch freecoaster, Odyssey Thunderbolt crank, and Odyssey Gary Young V2 grips.

The Street Sweeper model is the Jake Seeley signature bike in the range. It comes with Jake Seeley grips and seat, plus it has a freecoaster. The Ex range, meanwhile, includes the Chris Child's signature and Erik Elstran signature bikes. The Forecaster range features Mark Burnett signature and Aaron Ross signature bikes.

Other models include Scout, Primer, Blueprint, and the highly respected Model C.

In addition to complete bikes, Sunday's range also features accessories and parts. This includes frames, forks, bars, stems, gearing, seating, wheels, and more.

Sunday Sponsorship

Sunday supports a number of well-known BMX riders in a range of disciplines. This includes:

• Pro - Aaron Ross, Chris Childs, Gary Young, Jake Seeley, Erik Elstran, and Mark Burnett

• AM - Julian Arteaga, Brett Silva, Jared Duncan, and Alec Siemon

• Flow - Alex Magallan, Lee Dennis, TJ Henderson, Seth Peterson, Garrett Reeves, and Booby Delaat

• International riders - Vasya Lukyanenko from Ukraine, Daniel Portorreal from Germany, Oliver Jonasson from Sweden, Alexander Rudenko from Ukraine, Miguel Diaz from Uraguay, and Kevin Liehn from Germany.

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