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Zycle Fix Bikes for Sale


Zycle Fix Cycling Products for Sale

Zycle Fix is an American brand of bikes that was founded in 2010 and is based in California. It offers a wide selection of bikes including traditional road and city/commuter bikes. It’s a brand best known for its range of fixies, however.

Fixed gear bikes have become increasingly popular over recent years as a riding choice. The things that fixie enthusiasts like about the style include:

• Aesthetics - without gears, fixed gear bikes are less cluttered. They almost look stripped, leaving the bike in its purest form. Some people even take it a stage further by removing the brakes, but this is not recommended for safety reasons.

• Lightweight - gears add weight to a bike so removing them makes the bike lighter.

• Cheaper - gears contribute a significant amount to the cost of a bike. That money is either saved on a fixed gear bike, or is used to improve the quality of other components.

• Easier maintenance - gears are another thing on a bike that require regular maintenance, and have the potential to fail. Fixed gear bikes are much simpler and less costly to repair or maintain.

• Cycling experience - many fixed gear bike enthusiasts also like the riding experience of a fixie. With fewer gadgets and cycling tech you have to be more in-tune with your bike and attentive to the surface and gradient. For many, it is a purer form of cycling.

Zycle Fix taps into this desire for an alternative style of bike by offering a popular range of fixed gear models. A wide selection of bikes from the Zyclefix range is available at Bike Exchange, the marketplace for everything bike.

Zycle Fix Product Range

Zycle Fix offers a range of different bikes, but they fall into two main categories - those without gears, and the more common variety of bike with gears.

The fixed gear bike range includes the Prime models. They come in a range of different colors and are styled like a road bike. This includes a high saddle for a flat and aerodynamic riding position, and dropdown handle bars.

Zycle Fix's Fixed range features bikes with a similar style to the Prime models, but without the dropdown handlebars. This makes the bike more comfortable to ride, particularly for commuting, leisure riding, and city riding. Again, there is a range of color options available, but all the bikes have a fixed gear.

Fixed gear cruisers are also available from Zycle Fix. These bikes have a more relaxed style with a low step-through, cushioned seat, feet-forward pedal position, and long, swept-back handlebars. The lack of any gearing mechanism makes Zycle Fix's cruisers among the most attractive bikes on the market. The options include Paraiso, Cheetah, Classic, and Cobra.

The bikes with gears come in road and city variations. The road bikes are made by Carerra and feature the Carerra brand. The city bikes have classic European bike styling with a low step-through, cushioned seat, upright riding position, and a rack over the rear wheel.

Zycle Fix Sponsorship

Zycle Fix is not involved in any sponsorship arrangements.