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Zyclefix Bikes


Zycle Fix Bikes Cycling Products for Sale

Founded in California in 2010, Zycle Fix bikes is one of the newest names in cycling. They offer a variety of different bikes in their range, but the main focus of the brand is fixed gear bikes.

Fixed gear bikes, or fixies, have become increasingly popular in recent years after almost dying out with the introduction of multi-speed options. There are lots of benefits to fixed gear bikes, some of which are explained below. The main reason for people buying them is the way they look and the pure cycling experience they deliver. Zycle Fix bikes recognized this trend and has been able to capitalize on the growing fascination—and love— of fixed gear bikes.

The models in the Zycle Fix bikes range are stripped down and uncluttered because they don't have gears. Riding them is also an experience like you’ve never had on a bike before - at least not for a long time. You and the bike have to work much more in unison to negotiate the terrain. If you love cycling, you will love the feeling this delivers.

Other benefits are the lightness of each of the models (because they don't have many of the parts that other styles of bike feature) and the low cost (again due to fewer parts).

What you get is a bike with few components but where each component is of exceptional quality. This makes the bike durable and easy to maintain.

Zycle Fix Bikes Product Range

Zycle Fix Bikes divides its range into a number of different categories:

  • Prime – These are classically styled road bikes but with fixed gears. This means they have an aerodynamic riding position and dropdown handlebars. The frame is made from aluminium, and they have a beautiful stripped down appearance.
  • Fixed - This is the standard range of fixed gear bikes. They are built for speed but have a more upright and comfortable riding position than the Prime range.
  • Road - Zycle Fix road bikes are Carrera-branded. This range is closer to a modern road bike since it has gears.
  • City - This range also features gears, as they are bikes designed to maximize comfort. This means you get ultra-cushy seats, a feet-first pedalling position, and a low step through design.
  • Cruiser - The cruiser range goes back to a fixed gear mechanism with a very trendy design featuring wide, swept back handlebars.

In addition to the range of bikes, Zycle Fix Bikes also offers accessories. These include bike wheels, saddle bags, bike parts, and more.