Car Bike Racks


Car Bike Racks

Car bike racks allow you to get on the road and travel long distances with your bikes securely attached to your vehicle. These convenient carriers can hold up to five bikes, making them perfect for families that love hitting distant trail destinations.

BikeExchange offers a broad selection of car bike racks to accommodate your specific requirements. We provide a range of lightweight and compact racks that are easy to install and detach so that you can get to your destination in no time. If you want a rack that remains fixed to your car, we also have options suited to your preferences.

If you enjoy mountain biking, road biking, or leisure biking, you'll eventually need a car mount for transporting your bike. Fortunately, getting a high-quality bike rack doesn't have to cost a fortune.

BikeExchange has a range of affordable bike racks for thrill-seekers on a budget. So whether you’re going on holiday or participating in a race across the country, our bike racks can handle your demands.

It is worth noting that bike racks come in various form factors to accommodate different vehicle types. There’s no such thing as a universal bike rack, so it’s important to know which types are compatible with your vehicle before placing an order.

How to choose the right bike rack?

As previously mentioned, car bike racks come in various shapes and sizes. To avoid overloading your vehicle, you should consult your car’s manual for helpful information like allowable roof weight and payload limits. It’s also a good idea to secure the bikes with a rope or bungee cord as an additional safety precaution.

The following are the most common types of car bike racks:

  • Hitch Bike Racks: These carriers are compatible with vehicles that have a tow hitch or tow ball. They’re popular options because they’re versatile and easy to install.

  • Roof Bike Racks: These alternatives let you mount your bike on the roof of your car. With some versions of these racks, you have to remove your bike’s front wheel and place it elsewhere in the vehicle. These racks remain attached to your car, so you don’t have to uninstall them after every use.

  • Boot Mount Bike Racks: These options are suitable for vehicles without a rear-mounted spare tire. They are highly adjustable and don’t take up any cargo space. If your car lacks a roof rack or tow hitch, these are excellent alternatives.

  • Spare Tire Bike Racks: These racks are designed to be fixed on rear-mounted spare tires. Similar to mount bike racks, they don’t occupy any cargo space, making them excellent space-saving options.

Our online store offers all of the above and more, including bike beams and tailgate pads to let you bring as many bikes along for the ride. Explore our entire collection to find a suitable bike rack for your vehicle.

The products on our website are strategically categorized to help you find what you need with ease. Order now, and we’ll have it delivered right to your door.

How to install a bike rack on your car?

The installation method for car bike racks varies between brands and models, so it’s important to consult with their corresponding product manuals. These manuals are usually accessible online, allowing you to determine if a rack is compatible with your vehicle before placing an order. In addition, most racks don’t call for additional equipment because they come with all the necessary installation tools.

BikeExchange provides all the information you need about our bike racks in their respective product descriptions. Make sure to follow the instructions carefully to ensure everything in the installation process goes right. Exercise caution when driving with car bike racks.

If you’re unsure about the compatibility of a product, get in touch with us to give you professional advice. You can give us a call to consult with one of our representatives.

Where to buy the best bike racks for your car?

BikeExchange is the world’s leading online bike marketplace. We have an entire catalog of car bike racks suited for virtually any vehicle type so that you can get on the road with your bike securely attached to your car.

We aim to fuel the passion for riding by making it easy to buy and sell bike parts online. Thus, our website is intuitively designed to ensure a seamless and convenient shopping experience. In addition, everything is strategically categorized to help you find what you need without browsing through all the pages. You can also find popular industry brands like Scott and Cannondale on our site.

BikeExchange is your one-stop shop for everything related to bicycles. Whether you’re into road bikes, mountain bikes, or electric bikes, our store has something to offer you. If you want to get your young ones into the cycling hobby, we also have a broad range of kids bikes for children of all ages.

Order now, so we can have your package delivered right to your door in no time.

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