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3G Cruiser Bikes


3G Cruiser Bikes Offer a Powerful Ride

The motorcycle culture that can be observed along southern California’s highways has rubbed off on the bicycle industry. 3G cruiser bikes are one of the best examples of this phenomenon.

However, 3G didn’t stop after designing a few cool-looking cruisers. Instead, they went the extra mile to build a quality bike that’s fun to ride and reliable. 3G bikes feature aluminum frame construction and burly 36-hole steel rims. They’re light enough to pedal up the hill and tough enough to bomb back down.

You can take in the views riding aboard a 3G beach cruiser, thanks to an upright seating position, ergonomic comfort saddle and foot-forward pedaling position. 3G has developed their own proprietary “tripod” frame design. Used throughout the 3G cruiser line, this unique shape oozes character and is the perfect match for the multitude of creative paint schemes available from these Long Beach locals. Several other models are available in addition to the chopper-style bikes they specialize in.

3G Santa Cruz Beach Cruiser

One of the latest additions to the 3G lineup is named for a surf-crazy pocket of California where you can climb a mountain in the morning and ride your bike to the beach for lunch. The good people of Santa Cruz know a thing or two about how to maintain the positive vibes. Throw a leg over this trusty steed, and you might just understand them a little better.

The Santa Cruz is available in DLX or BBW trim levels — with the major difference in specifications coming in the form of massive 80mm wide rims on the BBW. All 3G Santa Cruz cruisers feature a single-speed drivetrain that rolls easily on 3G’s own plush Boa-G tires. The Santa Cruz features extra wide “Royal” style handlebars for when you want to lean back and slow your roll. It’s available in six different color schemes including “Solar Glow” — yes, as a matter of fact, it does glow in the dark.

3G Venice Bike

A close relative of the Santa Cruz, the Venice is another 3G beach cruiser available through BikeExchange. You can identify its steel construction by the small-diameter tubing of the Venice’s frame. Steel offers both cost savings and better compliance than aluminum. For a beach cruiser, it makes a great choice.

Another thing the Venice and the Santa Cruz have in common is their use of a single-speed drivetrain. With expertly selected gearing, this simple arrangement gets you where you need to go and requires the least amount of maintenance.

No offense Italy, but this two-wheeler takes its name from the California Venice. Like the boardwalk it gets its name from, the Venice is colorful. It’s available in eight different color combinations. The folks at 3G take color combos seriously — you get special color-specific wheels and trim to match with each one.

If you want to ride in style, take a look around BikeExchange for your perfect 3G Beach Cruiser.