Cycling Jerseys


Typically made from lycra, lightweight and breathable mesh or insulating materials, cycling jerseys cater for a wide range of riding disciplines from snug fitting road cycling, triathlon and time trial options to more relaxed fit jerseys catering to mountain bikers or even casual riders riding in the city. If you’re on the hunt for a cycling jersey to complete your riding kit, BikeExchange is sure to have an option to suit your style, your needs and your budget.

Types of cycling jerseys for sale

Cycling jerseys are the centerpiece of many cyclists’ wardrobes, coming in a wide range of colors, styles and fitting options to suit the needs of different riders.

Sleeveless jerseys are a great option for casual wear or for use when riding in hot and humid climates.

Thanks to their lightweight, comfortable and breathable design short sleeved jerseys won’t hinder your ability to enjoy the ride. Short sleeve jerseys cater for just about every different riding style. Available in wide range of fitting options, with a huge variety of options on offer, short sleeved jerseys are the most popular choice for many cyclists.

Long Sleeve options are great if you require more protection from foliage and falls when riding offroad. They’re also a fantastic choice for use in colder weather, with many long sleeve options featuring a thermal lining ensuring you stay warm when the weather isn’t.

Popular brands

Not sure where to begin? Some of our best-sellers include options from Specialized, Giro and Endura. If you’re looking for a jersey to wear on your next mountain bike ride, jerseys from Scott are our most popular.

Looking for more advice? The BikeExchange blog team has you covered with tips on how to layer up for winter.

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