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Mavic is a cycling brand that’s best known for being a parts manufacturer - it has been doing this since the company was founded in 1889. It is also famous for providing the neutral service vehicles at the Tour de France. In 2008 however, the company decided to add a new range to its product portfolio - rider's equipment, including cycling apparel and shoes.

The range of shoes includes options for all types of cycling including riding on the road, the track, the trail, or the mountain. They are designed to be comfortable and lightweight, but also to transfer was much energy as possible through the rider's foot to the bike.

The Mavic shoes range is also stylish. Of course, most of the options come in the traditional black and yellow colors of the Mavic brand, but other color options are available. You will find a wide selection of them here on Bike Exchange.

Mavic Shoes Product Range

Mavic makes shoes suitable for triathlon, road, and mountain bike riding:

• Fast and light road - designed for high speed riding, such as time trial events. They are extremely light and are designed to transfer as much energy as possible.

• Triathlon - this range of shoes is also designed for high speed riding over short distances, however the shoes also have features included that makes the transitions required in triathlon quick and easy.

• Road endurance - for long rides, comfort is as important as lightness and performance. This range of shoes from Mavic gets that balance right.

• MTB XC - shoes designed for cross country mountain biking. They are lightweight and help the rider feel more connected to the bike.

• MTB Trail - versatile shoes that are suitable for a range of different mountain bike situations. They are built to get maximum performance while offering good levels of comfort, even over long rides. They are also reliable.

• MTB all-mountain - tough and durable is the best way to describe this range from Mavic. They are shoes that will last, whatever the conditions.

In addition to shoes, Mavic also produces a range of socks.

Mavic Shoes Sponsorship

Mavic has been involved in the sport of cycling for decades. As well as providing neutral service vehicles at races, it also sponsors individual riders and cycling teams.

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