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Giant Cyclocross Bikes

The sport of cyclocross (CX) seems to be on an unstoppable growth spurt. Its unique mixture of mountain- and road-cycling elements attracts athletes from both disciplines who are looking for a new challenge. As a world leader in the cycling industry, it’s safe to say that Giant has not sat idly by while the cycling world evolves. Giant TCX bikes represent the first disc-brake-equipped model in the world to win a world cyclocross championship, a solid testament to Giant’s knowledge of the sport.

Giant cyclocross bikes belong to the X-road category in the Giant lineup, which includes not only competition models, but also several other capable bikes that give competitive riders and enthusiasts alike a slew of options. From the accessible AnyRoad — a great option for those new to cyclocross-style riding — to the do-it-all prowess of the Revolt, Giant’s selection includes great choices at any price point for all skill levels.

Not Afraid to Get Dirty

Giant bikes have always offered an exceptional value because technologies from the company’s racing programs trickles down very quickly to even their entry-level products. You can see it at work in Giant cyclocross bikes — you can find features such as composite fork technology and rugged but light double-wall rims present even in the enthusiast-level Giant AnyRoad. It’s this philosophy that has kept Giant riders loyal, because they know that Giant bikes deliver state-of-the-industry technology for a price that few competitors can match. Let’s look more closely at the Giant cyclocross bikes available at BikeExchange:

  • Giant AnyRoad Bikes: If we didn’t tell you this was Giant’s first-tier CX offering, you might mistake it for a full-on race bike. It features the same aggressive geometry you’ll find in its higher-priced cousins. Weighing in at just over 20lbs, it won’t hold you back when it’s time to hike a bike. A sturdy Shimano drivetrain, disc brakes and rugged double-wall rims complete the package. If you’re new to the sport, there’s no better place to start.
  • Giant Revolt Bikes: The middle child in Giant’s CX lineup is a natural athlete. Less of a dedicated racer and more of a thoroughbred, Giant Revolt bikes change their focus depending on the trim level you select. Select the Revolt 3 if you’re a commuter who prefers to ride aggressively in town and can’t be bothered to avoid the occasional gravel road. Upper-end Revolt models add slick-shifting Shimano Ultegra components to a package that includes standard mechanical disc brakes, giving you everything you need to transport you to the starting line, crush the competition and cruise home in style.
  • Giant TCX Bikes: The no-compromise racer in Giant’s line has enjoyed success at the highest level of cyclocross racing, but that doesn’t mean you can’t give it a thrashing yourself. Giant’s TCX employs aggressive geometry and Giant’s proprietary P-CXR wheel technology to transfer power efficiently, even on uneven ground and slippery surfaces. Die-hards will want to check out the TCX Pro, which features full-composite construction, hydraulic disc brakes and electronic shifting.

Browse BikeExchange today to find the right Giant cyclocross bike for you.

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