Specialized Cyclocross Bikes


Specialized Cyclocross Bikes

Combining the dust and mud of mountain biking with the lightweight frames and smaller tires of road cycling, there are many who would say Cyclocross is the most challenging of all cycling disciplines. Cyclocross bikes have to meet a very narrow criterion to be effective at their sport — they have to be “Specialized” you might say. Well, Specialized cyclocross bikes are just that.

A commitment to advanced technologies gives Specialized great tools to use in creating these hybrid racers. Each model borrows the high-strength fabrication techniques used in race bikes of other disciplines and combines it with the knobby tires and light weight that make a Cyclocross racer just that. Specialized Crux bikes have been designed and built specifically with the sport of Cyclocross in mind. If they seem a little wacky, well, just spend a day at a Cyclocross race, and you’ll understand why.

The Crux of Cyclocross Performance

Being a world leader in bike manufacturing has its advantages. For Specialized, it means having the resources to take a model such as the Crux and outfit it perfectly for its intended use. Specialized Crux bikes come in a number of trim levels, so those preparing for their first overland section will find a bike that fits the bill just as quickly as battle-hardened Cyclocross veterans. Let’s take a closer look at the Crux line:

  • Specialized Crux Sport: Everything you need, nothing you don’t. The Crux Sport is about delivering the kind of performance that turns prospects into prodigies. Come race day, you’ll be glad to know the Crux Sport will see off all manner of muck and mire thanks to a tested Shimano 105 drivetrain and durable AXIS 2.0 wheelset. With the same race-proven geometry as its higher-priced cousins and an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, the Crux Sport is the M1 Garand of cyclocross bikes: simple, efficient and dependable.
  • Specialized Crux Single: Typically, single-speed race bikes are associated with masochism. But this is Cyclocross racing — no one expected you to be sane. Ditching a traditional geared setup can be a big advantage on courses that are particularly messy, and you get the bonus of less weight for your tromp through the brown stuff. Smooth-rolling 29 inch Roval wheels feature 2Bliss technology so you can go ahead and pick those awful lines. It’s even got a special paint job designed to change as the bike is exposed to the sun. The Crux single is ready — let’s hope you can give it the thrashing it’s been waiting for.
  • Specialized Crux Evo: Step up to the next generation of cyclocross with the Specialized Crux Evo. Thanks to a carefully designed Specialized FACT carbon fork, it delivers a level of lightness and compliance that’s difficult to match in entry-level cyclocross bikes. Hydraulic disc brakes provide vice-like grip, even when it’s wet and nasty out, and an 11-speed Shimano 105 drivetrain keeps on truckin’ until you cross the finish line. Gritty smile and dirt in eyelids not included.

Take a look at BikeExchange to find the right model for you. Order yours today!

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