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An A2B Electric Bike: The quickest Way From A to B

What do you get when you combine German precision engineering with the relentless pace of e-bike development? You get functional, forward-thinking designs that are built with precision — quality vehicles that are made not just to transport their users, but also do it exceptionally.

A2B began building e-bikes in 2008. Fueled by the increasing demand for a practical vehicle that is easy to use and doesn’t harm the environment, the A2B electric bike has been in constant evolution since day one. The result is an all-inclusive line of bikes designed for a multitude of different tasks.

A2B electric bikes are:

  • Practical — They feature removable long-range batteries that let you customize your ride for the mission at hand.
  • Whimsical — The A2B Octave, for example, is named after an engineer who worked on the Wright brother’s original airplane.

Models of the A2B Electric Bike

With a total of seven models in all, there’s bound to be something that strikes your fancy in the A2B lineup. Let’s get to know some of the A2B bikes available on BikeExchange a little better.

  • A2B Metro electric bikes: The Metro is your go-to for all urban outings. With a 500-watt proprietary A2B brushless motor, front and rear suspension, and a TIG welded 6160 alloy frame, it’s a master class in the art of the city bike. The Metro rolls on 20” wheels that make easy work of maneuvering through tight spaces on crowded city streets. Its seven-speed Shimano Alivio transmission, which is operated using a twist-shifter so you don’t have to move your hands to change gears, grants the Metro a top speed of 20mph.

  • A2B Galvani electric bikes: Where the Metro is ultra-futuristic, the Galvani delivers ebike practicality to the retro school of design. There’s no denying this is one sweet-looking ride. It’s liable to give even non-powered two-wheelers a run for their money when it comes to looks. The Galvani’s larger wheel size (28”) allows it to roll easily over obstacles and coast at high speeds without the power drain incurred by smaller wheels that must spin faster to keep up. It features an SRSuntour suspension fork at the front to absorb impacts and smoothen small imperfections in the road. It also has a backlit LCD display that conveys both drivetrain information and stats about your ride.

  • A2B Kuo electric bikes: The Kuo embodies the attention to detail you’ll find in every A2B model. Named after a famous navigator, the Kou has become popular with commuters in urban settings thanks to its compact size and ability to fold up when not in use. It even includes a bag that can be used for transport when not riding. Despite its neat party trick, the Kuo sacrifices very little in the way of maneuverability and performance. With a top speed of 18.7mph and a 37-mile range, it’s very nearly the equal of its larger-wheeled brethren.

Find the right A2B electric bike for you on BikeExchange today!