Easy Motion Electric & Power Assisted Bikes


Easy Motion Electric Bikes A Natural Progression

Easy Motion is an electric bike manufacturer with its roots in Spain. As a subsidiary of BH bikes, Easy Motion has the luxury of calling on over 100 years of success on two wheels when bringing new ideas to light. BH has a strong history in both mountain and road cycling disciplines, with a comprehensive line of their own designs.

Beautiful design is a hallmark of BH bikes. While other manufacturers have struggled to bring beauty to the world of the electric bike, Easy Motion has channeled the flowing design language into each model. They do it so well that many of them could be confused for their regular unpowered cousins.

Easy Motion’s line of bikes is categorized to help you select the right ride for your lifestyle. Much like their pedal-powered counterparts, some bikes are more situated for road use, while others are intended to be used on the trail.

The Battery Power Behind These Easy Motion Electric Bikes

Each bike uses the brand’s own proprietary NEO or EVO batteries, which are neatly tucked out of the way with none of the extraneous wires you’ll find on earlier ebikes. Riders can select from three different levels of battery assist using the handlebar-mounted computer, for up to 300% more power from the 350-watt planetary gear motor.

The EVO planetary gear drive found on Easy Motion bikes is the secret to these bikes’ responsive performance. Because this design allows for a compact layout, Easy Motion is able to place the motor in the bike’s hub, where it can achieve nearly 100-percent power transfer to the rear wheel. When not using power assist, Easy Motion bikes coast with less resistance because of the planetary gear design.

Easy Motion Electric Bike Models

Three of the models available from Easy Motion on BikeExchange are the Evo, Nitro and Neo electric bikes. Let’s take a look at these models more closely.

  • Easy Motion Neo electric Bikes: The Neo is Easy Motion’s city street specialist. A compact folder, it delivers ease of use without compromising on power and range. The Neo sports a 350-watt motor of the same name, can travel at up to 20mph and has a 50-mile range. It features a headlight to keep you out of harm’s way when riding home in the dark and smooth-rolling Shimano hubs.
  • Easy Motion Nitro electric Bikes: The Nitro’s clean lines are most at home on the dusty trail, where its powerful 400-watt electric motor enables you to cover more ground than typical pedal-pushers. The Nitro line gives up nothing to its un-powered competitors, with off-road-ready features such as Shimano Deore shifters and derailleur, and Tektro disc brakes.
  • Easy Motion Evo electric bikes: The Evo series is an Easy Motion flagship line that spans a wide range of disciplines. BikeExchange carries the urban-specific Evo Street as well as the more rugged Evo 29er, Evo Cross and Evo Jump Models. The Evo Jump is one of several full-suspension offerings available from Easy Motion, a pioneer of full-suspension ebikes.

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