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Pedego City Electric Bikes: The Comfort of Battery Power

After a long hard day, sometimes the ride home is just too much to face. Thankfully, Pedego has designed a line of bikes that can make your life a little easier. These are electric bikes — bikes that incorporate battery power through the use of an electric motor to assist you while you ride.

Pedego’s proprietary system uses a twist-throttle and handlebar-mounted computer to deliver up to 500 watts of power to the rear wheel. This allows Pedego bikes to reach speeds of over 20mph. Thanks to recent advances in battery technology, the bikes weigh little more than their pedal-motivated counterparts and can operate for over 48 hours at a time.

What Makes Pedego City Electric Bikes Worth the Investment

Is it really worth it to invest in an ebike? You might be thinking that your regular city bike will cost less, require less maintenance and perform just as well as these battery-assisted models. That’s just not the case.

For starters, Pedego uses the latest battery technology from Samsung. Every Pedego city electric bike carries a three-year warranty against battery defects. While they might seem expensive at first, most Pedego electric city bikes are in the same price range as nicer city and trail bikes from top manufacturers. Since ebikes have not had the same exposure as their all-muscle brethren, you get an exceptional parts spec at a great value.

Pedego bikes are practical, too. Just imagine how much more you can carry home from the market with the extra help of a 500-watt motor. Need to charge your smartphone while you’re out on the town? No problem, the handlebar-mounted computer that comes standard on all Pedego bikes features a USB port that you can plug just about any mobile device into — you’ve got a charging station that goes with you anywhere!

Pedego City Electric Bike Models

Pedego offers a comprehensive line of electric bikes. Let’s take a look at a few of the models available on BikeExchange:

  • Pedego Classic City Commuter electric bikes: Looking nothing like the ebikes that predated them, these sleek cruisers feature lightweight aluminum alloy frames and a comfortable upright seating position. The cranks are mounted low and forward, giving you cornering performance and stability. Grab the twist-throttle and click through the seven forward gears for a top speed in excess of 20mph!

  • Pedego Step-Thru Classic Comfort electric bikes: The Pedego Step-Thru takes comfort and style to the next level with a sleek aluminum frame that you’d never know sported an electric motor. It features a handy rear rack, convenient kickstand and premium white-walled self-sealing tires that can handle the extra weight that a battery incurs. Disc brakes are standard, and they allow you to enjoy your battery power without worrying about the bike getting away from you.

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