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ProdecoTech Electric & Power Assisted Bikes


Prodeco Electric Bike: Changing the Game for E-bikes

What image comes to mind when you hear the term “e-bike”? Something rather upright, with a 50-pound boxed steel frame more appropriate on a car, and wires dangling off of it like the robot from “Short Circuit?” Those days are coming to an end, and Prodecotech electric bikes are heralding in a proud new era.

Prodecotech re-imagined the electric bike as an improved take on the modern trail bike. Prodeco electric bikes are not your grandpa’s electric bike. They feature modern designs that would look just as at home without the help of an electric motor. The extra motivation delivered by the compact power unit makes it possible for riders to explore more area.

Prodeco electric bikes are built in the USA. In fact, the company’s two founders started the company when they felt it was possible to build a better electric bike than the ones they were importing at the time. After eight years in the industry, the Prodeco line of electric bikes has expanded to encompass new models and technology. It’s received the endorsement of industry juggernauts such as SRAM, Kenda, SRSuntour and Truvativ.

Different Models of Prodeco Electric Bike

Let’s take a look at some of the different Prodeco electric bikes available on BikeExchange:

  • Prodeco Oasis electric bikes: Comfortable and powerful, the Oasis navigates the urban jungle powered by a 750-watt motor. Tunable battery-assist gives this bike a 20- to 28-mile range, and you can call on more power at any time using Prodeco’s signature power-on-demand twist throttle. Selecting gears is handled on the other side of the bars, where a SRAM twist-shifter controls your eight forward speeds. Stopping duties are handled by Avid Elixer-5 Hydraulic disc brakes, and a gel saddle keeps you comfy.

  • Prodeco Mariner electric bikes: Truly a big thing in a small package, the Prodeco Mariner features compact size, but ample motivation thanks to an electric motor capable of producing up to 500 watts. This grants the Mariner a top speed of 18mph, all with the small-wheeled maneuverability that makes urban bikes the best choice in crowded city settings.

  • Prodeco Phantom electric bikes: Adjustable, affordable and fun, the Prodeco Phantom has helped this U.S. bike builder re-define the e-bike segment. Even the most expensive Prodeco Phantom retails at prices many bikes that don’t include motors go for. Still, the Phantom comes replete with a phenomenal selection of components. Each Phantom receives SRAM drivetrain equipment and an eight- or nine-speed transmission, a suspension front fork — upgraded models receive Rock Shox suspension — and powerful Avid hydraulic disc brakes. The Phantom is available with 300-, 500-, or 600-watt power units, and, of course, it features Prodeco’s signature power-on-demand throttle. Flat-out, you’ll be cruising at 20mph!

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