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Specialized Turbo: Get the Best of Both Worlds

So you’re an up-and-coming businessperson who needs fast, reliable transportation. Trading two wheels for four seems like selling out. Until now, the idea of an electric bike had been wishful thinking. Sure, they were available, but the cost and the weight penalty that came with owning an E-bike were enough to change most folk’s minds, sending them in the direction of a scooter or public transport.

The Specialized Turbo is here to end all that. By combining the industry’s most advanced lightweight battery technology with components specifically designed for use on an electric bicycle, the Specialized Turbo delivers reliable zero-emissions transport in a package that’s light and maneuverable.

Capable of speeds up to 28mph, Specialized electric bikes allow you to commute on your own terms, even in traffic or up steep inclines. Turn off the electric motor, and you’ve got a completely viable bike, complete with a 20-speed SRAM drivetrain and hydraulic disc brakes.

The Specialized Turbo Bike Gives You Real Battery Control

Specialized Turbo electric bikes represent a huge step forward in the progression of this novel idea because of the way that every component of the design has been built with e-bike use in mind. The Li-Ion battery has been placed as low as possible in the downtube, its weight evenly distributed. The bike’s battery management technology has been optimized to work with the rider for the most efficient power use and longest battery life. An easy-to-use joystick interface mounted to your grips lets you select the level of battery assistance you want, control regenerative braking to keep your battery charged and even fire off shifts.

Features of the Specialized Turbo Electric Bike

Speaking of firing off shifts, the Specialized Turbo features an SRAM 2x10 drivetrain that would be right at home on your trail bike, were it not for the unique hub-mounted power unit. Specialized has placed the electric motor inside the Turbo’s hub, effectively eliminating the line-loss that other systems can suffer. Every watt generated by the motor is transferred into the SRAM cassette, making your ride easier.

The Specialized Turbo also boasts:

  • A special frame set and components — They make added weight of the battery and motor manageable.
  • Oversized tubing — It has been shaped to cut the wind at the bike’s impressive top speed of 28mph.
  • Reinforced front forks — They can handle the abuse of life in the city.
  • Electrak Armadillo tires — It’s not just the metal parts that have been beefed up on this bike. Specialized stocks the Turbo with extra-tough Electrak Armadillo tires that were built with many hours of city cruising in mind.
  • Formula hydraulic disc brakes — Keeping things in check are hydraulic disc brakes from Formula. At 180mm, these stoppers are the same size they use on professional downhill racing bikes, so you can let the Turbo run without fear that it’ll get away from you.

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