Bianchi Flat Bar Road Bikes


Bianchi Flat Bar Road Bikes

Bianchi has accomplished a great deal since their founding in the 17th century. As one of the leading bicycle manufacturers in the world, Bianchi cycles have crossed the finish line first at both the Giro d’Italia and Tour de France under such esteemed riders as Fausto Coppi, Marco Pantani and Felice Gimondi. Bianchi has built motorcycles and even cars under the Autobianchi name, a joint venture that Fiat purchased outright in 1969 — but the company’s pragmatic roots are expressed most of all in the offerings they provide modern commuters: Bianchi flat bar road bikes.

Combining the efficient drivetrain and low-rolling resistance of their more competition-oriented counterparts with a comfortable upright seating position and flat bar cockpit layout of commuter bikes, bicycles such as the Bianchi C- Sport, Torino and Camaleonte Due make an excellent do-it-all solution for the casual cyclist who needs a bike for transport, pleasure and exercise.

Bianchi Flat Bar Road Bikes Available at BikeExchange

The Bianchi product line includes flat bar bikes ideal for aggressive riding as well as styles that favor a more relaxed riding style.

Riders who expect to use their flat bar bike to train and prefer to ride faster should take a look at Bianchi C-Sport bikes, as well as the Camaleonte Due. Available in several trim levels to meet your desired price point, the C-Sport line features an alloy frame and comes equipped with quality drivetrain components from Shimano for smooth, reliable shifting. The C-Sport line’s large front rings and trigger-style shifters let riders pick up the pace when they want to, but won’t feel awkward when it’s time to make the ride to class or run an errand. Bianchi’s Camaleonte Due bikes offer even more sporting performance of the C-Sport line, with revised geometry that closely resembles that of Bianchi racing bikes and high-quality Shimano Alivio components.

“Tourismo” class bikes from Bianchi are intended to offer a more comfortable ride and are designed for practicality, reliability and comfort. This category includes Bianchi Semplice bikes as well as the Torino line. An automatic, speed-sensitive hub lets riders enjoy the Semplice around town without having to shift gears manually, earning it its name, Italian for “simple”. Bianchi Torino bikes use comfortable, commuter-friendly geometry similar to the Semplice’s, but are equipped with a geared drivetrain based around Shimano’s dependable Acera group.

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