Fuji Hybrid Bikes


Fuji Hybrid Bikes

Borrowing the best of both worlds, Fuji hybrid bikes combine the rugged off-road capabilities of Fuji mountain bikes with the effortless ride quality of their road bikes to give riders a practical one-bike solution for any occasion. Select from the asphalt-friendly Crosstown or more single-track partial Traverse. Many Fuji hybrid bikes feature front suspension, an excellent feature to have when commuting on any terrain that gives these bikes their outstanding ride quality. The addition of disc brakes means that you can feel comfortable traveling at speed on these hybrid bikes with the knowledge that you’ve got a capable set of binders under you.

Fuji’s hybrid lineup also includes the purpose-built Fuji Police Special bike. With geometry derived from Fuji trail bikes, the all-black Police Special features a standard rear rack that makes it easy for law enforcement officers to transport their equipment. It also includes a special Fuji Police Comfort saddle that is reinforced to provide comfort during long deployments.

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Fuji hybrid bikes make a great choice for recreational riders and commuters who don’t want to spend the money to purchase multiple bikes. You can choose the bike that fits your style with the confidence that it will handle commendably should you ever need to transition to a trail or road. Let’s take a closer look at the specifics of the different Fuji hybrid bikes you can find on BikeExchange:

  • Fuji Crosstown: Fuji Crosstown bikes feature the stylish shape of a town bike, but can happily handle the occasional off-road jaunt thanks to 700cc tires and front suspension. The SR NEX suspension fork found on these bikes can be locked out to increase efficiency when traveling on smooth roads. Tektro mechanical disc brakes and a 27-speed Shimano drivetrain complete the package, delivering smooth shifts and reliable stops.
  • Fuji Traverse: Fuji Traverse bikes borrow from Fuji’s excellent cross-country racers, but use slightly more relaxed geometry that’s just as happy cruising city streets as it is tearing up single-track. A 30-speed Shimano Deore drivetrain uses the same RapidFire shifters found on Fuji mountain bikes to rip off quick gear changes. The same SR NEX front fork you’ll find on the Crosstown also finds a home on the Traverse where lockout can be valuable in town or on steep ascents.
  • Fuji Police Special: Closely related to the Traverse, Fuji’s Police Special bikes have a serious look thanks to their all-black paint job. They feature a slightly modified cockpit compared to their civilian cousins which includes an Oval Concepts handlebar and hydraulic disc brakes by Shimano. Drivetrain components also receive an upgrade to a smooth-shifting Shimano Deore XT rear derailleur and Deore LX front mechanism, which together give this weapon of justice 30 speeds to choose from.

Whatever your riding style, you’ll find a bike to match it on BikeExchange.

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