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Pedego Electric Mountain Bike: A look Into the Future of Cycling

We’ve all been there — late for an appointment or just plain tired after a long day. As you make one more arduous pedal stroke of a long hill, the thought crosses your mind “what if I had a button that could make this bike go faster.”

Pedego provides your answer. The Pedego electric bikes are some of the most advanced on the market. The use of high-tech lightweight lithium battery cells from Samsung and top-of-the-line components from industry leaders such as SRAM and Shimano deliver longer ride times, higher top speeds and less maintenance than the competition.

Advanced Features on the Pedego Electric Mountain Bike

Pedego electric mountain bikes feature:

  • Advanced battery technology — Pedego uses some of the most advanced battery technology on the market. It not only saves weight in the final product, but also brings with it a convenient three-year warranty.
  • A twist throttle — You can easily modulate power delivery from the brushless electric motor.
  • Optimal motor location — The motor is located in the hub on Pedego bikes, the optimal location for handling and efficient power transfer.
  • Self-sealing tires — These tires withstand punctures, giving you added peace of mind.
  • USB charging port — You can plug your smartphone or another mobile device into the handlebar-mounted computer during downtime.

Pedego Trail Tracker

Pedego’s model line includes everything from electric beach cruisers to city bikes. There’s even a Pedego electric mountain bike.

Named the Trail Tracker, this nimble two-wheeler looks as though it could be just another pedal-powered MTB, but in fact, it’s equipped with a 500-watt brushless geared motor that can propel this bike to over 20mph. This means you get over 48 hours of battery life to explore the trails you love. With a little help from you on the pedals, you can easily exceed 40 miles in a single ride — try doing that on your dirt jumper.

In addition to the powerful motor and long battery life, the Pedego Trail Tracker also:

  • Is affordable — It’s in a price range that’s competitive with premium trail bikes from other top manufacturers.
  • Has a strong alloy frame — The Trail Tracker features a light but strong frame made from the same 6061 alloy you’ll find on some of the world’s top mountain bikes.
  • Comes with a headlight — You’ll be seen riding home at the end of the day.
  • Features a handlebar-mounted computer — You can select from five different levels of pedal assist. Crank up the juice on your way to the summit, then descend under your own power to save battery life. You can even monitor the stats from your ride such as top speed and battery usage.

In addition to the Pedego Trail Tracker, you’ll find a number of other Pedego models — such as the Step-Thru City Commuter, Classic Country Cruiser and Classic City Cruiser — on BikeExchange. Each one features its own unique style and Pedego’s outstanding combination of technology and comfort. Order one online or at a BikeExchange partner shop today!