Fuji Mountain Bikes


Fuji Mountain Bikes

A symbol of strength and endurance, Mt. Fuji is a Japanese national icon recognized worldwide. It is only natural, then, that a company founded in Japan under the shadow of this powerful symbol would know a thing or two about mountain bikes. With over a century of experience in the industry, Fuji mountain bikes are ready for any challenge and are available in a number of different frames and trim levels.

Fuji’s SLM bikes stand at the top of their line as the perfect example of Fuji design philosophy. Much like their road-going cousins, these dedicated cross-country racers are carefully focused, purpose-built racers that come ready to lead you to victory right out of the box. The same technologies you’ll find on SLM models have trickled down into Fuji Nevada and Tahoe bikes to create affordable recreational-use mountain bikes that don’t skimp on speed and maneuverability.

Ascending the Ranks of Cross-country Mountain Biking

Many Fuji mountain bikes are now available in multiple wheel sizes. In keeping with the latest industry trends, models are available in the newly popular 27.5” wheel standard as well as the 29” standard, which has been gaining in popularity for some years. Riders who prefer a more playful bike that can change direction quickly and pick technical lines when descending should go for the smaller 27.5” wheeled bikes. For riders who prefer to spend most of their time climbing and cruising single-track, 29” wheels offer low-rolling resistance to make their way handily over obstacles and carry speed on flat sections. Below you’ll find more info on Fuji mountain bikes you can find at BikeExchange:

  • Fuji Nevada Bikes: Bringing you single-track-eating performance at an unbelievable value, the Nevada line takes many of the lessons Fuji has learned in cross-country racing and applies them in a package that’s great for recreational riders. Available in 27.5” and 29” wheel sizes, riders can choose from the different trim levels to find just the right combination of performance and value.
  • Fuji Tahoe Bikes: The Tahoe makes a great choice for advanced trail riders who want their equipment to deliver if they choose to begin racing. Even entry-level models feature suspension by Manitou with lockout for efficient climbing and 10-speed Shimano transmissions. RapidFire shifters snap off gear changes, while a clever Missing Link chain makes on-the-trail repairs doable without the need to carry a chain breaker.
  • Fuji SLM Bikes: Practicing your track stands? A light and stiff carbon frame and classic double-triangle geometry make the SLM go as good as it looks. Don’t be fooled by the fact that Fuji makes this bike available at a price that won’t deter weekend warriors. This is a purebred race machine that features SRAM’s excellent X01 11-speed transmission, Sun Ringle Black Flag wheels, and Shimano Deore XT hydraulic brakes. It’s the same equipment the pros use — don’t feel guilty about the great deal you get on it.

No matter your riding style, you’ll find the right Fuji mountain bike on BikeExchange.

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