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Pannier Bags for Sale

When considering bags to mount on pannier racks, there are different bag types available. These include; trunks, which mount on top of the rack itself; and bags, which can mount on top of the rack as well as along the side of the racks with some able to convert into a backpack for use off the bike. Storage space and weight distribution are two key things to keep in mind when considering your pannier bag.

Storage Space

Think about what you plan to carry. If you’re doing short distances or cycling at a faster pace, you don’t want to weigh yourself down too much by carrying too large of a load. You might just need a small convertible pannier/backpack for commuting with a couple of items.Smaller pannier rack packs available on BikeExchange are lightweight, easy to install and can be removed easily when you don’t need them.

If you’re doing long-distance riding, you may need to pack a lot of gear. Frame-mount pannier bags, cases, and rack packs can all be combined and mounted to suitable bikes. The increased storage space of these will allow you to carry a lot more gear, but with the downside of more weight and greater wind resistance which can make riding your bike more difficult.

Weight distribution

Depending on the type of riding you’re doing, the weight distribution of your pannier bags might be an issue. For hard, faster or more technical biking, having a heavy pack or bag mounted can cause the weight to shift, upsetting the handling of your bike and in general make your ride an unpleasant experience. Whilst there is no wrong way to mount and carry pannier bags, the ideal method when loading up is choosing bags that can mount low to the frame to give you the best compromise between carrying volume and weight distribution, therefore allowing better handling of the bike.

Weather Protection

If you’re planning to ride through all types of weather, you should consider just how well the bags will keep your gear dry. Most of the top brands listed below will offer options suited to the changeable weather conditions cyclists endure outdoors. From weatherproof options to fully waterproof dry packs, you’re sure to find a pannier bag to suit your needs.

Brands to consider

When looking to pannier bags, the options can quickly overwhelm. If you’re unsure of where to start, brands such as Deuter and Axiom are often highly favoured. If you’re on a budget, brands such as Blackburn and are worth looking at too.

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