Fuji Road Bikes


Fuji Road Bikes

Fuji bikes have been in production since 1899, when the brand was first established in Japan. Taking their name from the Japanese Mt. Fuji, a national symbol of strength and endurance, Fuji cycles are considered among the world’s highest-quality competition road bikes. They have had the distinct honor of supplying the Japanese Olympic team with their competition bikes on multiple occasions. The process of worldwide expansion saw periods of difficulty for the Fuji company, but we’re glad to report that today they are still building competitive racing bicycles.

Road performance has continued to be an area of extreme focus for Fuji bikes, and the Fuji road bike line has expanded to include a great selection of purpose-built models. The variety of geometries and equipment specs make Fuji road bikes accessible and rewarding for both veteran racers and weekend warriors. Browse BikeExchange to find a wide selection of road bikes from Fuji, including the Transonic, Roubiax and Gran Fondo to name a few.

The Fuji cycling company was the first to establish the national stage race between Osaka and Tokyo, Japan in the year 1900. Fifty-one years later at the first Asian games in New Delhi, India, Shoichiro Sugihara rode a Fuji to victory. As time passes, Fuji shows no signs of slowing. Let’s take a look at a few of the different Fuji road bikes you can find on BikeExchange:

  • Fuji Sportif Bikes: A great first step into the world of competitive cycling, the Fuji Sportif features aggressive geometry and competent components at a great value. It features the Tiagra group by Shimano for reliable shifting performance from the available 9- and 10-speed drivetrains.
  • Fuji Transonic Bikes: Reach for a Fuji Transonic if you’re ready to begin your career as a serious racer. The Transonic’s wind-cheating shape makes it a formidable competitor in any road-racing discipline. It features carbon-fiber construction for compliance and low weight, highly optimized geometry to maximize power transfer and 11-speed drivetrains from Shimano or SRAM that are on par with those used in world-class competition.

  • Fuji Supreme Bikes: A rigid C5 high-modulus carbon frame forms the backbone of this exceptional women-specific racing bike. Race-day details are packed into the Supreme to give you every little advantage when you’re laying it all on the line, such as a Chromoly-ti railed saddled and efficient Shimano Ultegra STI drivetrain for lightning-quick shifts.

  • Fuji Gran Fondo Bikes: The men’s equivalent of the Fuji Supreme, this model features the same high-modulus C5 carbon frame but with geometry designed for male riders. A braze-on front derailleur mount saves precious grams in combination with a hollow Chromoly or Chromoly-ti saddle. Shifting duties are handled by 11-speed race-quality Shimano equipment: 105 on some trim levels, Ultegra on others.

Browse BikeExchange today to find the right Fuji for your riding style.

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