Specialized Road Bikes


Specialized's Range of Road Bikes

Specialized currently offer an array of different types of road bikes, having a full quiver of carbon frame styles, including aero race, lightweight/all-round race and endurance road. As well as having numerous carbon frame models, Specialized have also continued with the development of mid-range alloy frame bikes, something not seen by many of the other large brands currently in play. All of these frames, with the exception of the alloy only Allez, are offered in different levels of carbon modulus, as well as different finishing kit, primarily from either SRAM or Shimano, in order to have a variety of affordable options.

S-Works is Specialized’s most reputable initiative, designed to meet the demands and desires of professional athletes from all around the world. Acknowledging these demands and combining them with world leading facilities, such as their very own ‘Win Tunnel’, Specialized has engineered an extensive range of exceptional quality bikes and equipment – a high performance range that is accessible to every rider!


Almost entirely designed in Specialized’s very own ‘Win Tunnel’, the Venge is Speciliazed’s aerodynamically superior road offering that is a popular and proven choice of some of the world’s leading cyclists! Noticeably integrated in design, the Venge features a proprietary bar and stem combination, integrated brakes and an aggressive race oriented geometry that maximizes overall stiffness – a high performance machine built for speed! The S-Works Venge ViAS leads the Venge range with ‘ProTour’ specifications, while the Venge Pro and Venge Elite offer you an aerodynamic option at a more affordable price.


Considered as Specialized’s most well balanced frame, the Tarmac is a lightweight performance road option that satisfies a number of key ride objectives - undoubtedly proven in the professional ranks by the likes of Alberto Contador in winning the Tour de France, and Peter Sagan who rode his Tarmac to a win at the 2016 Tour of Flanders! Sacrificing a small amount of aerodynamics in favour of comfort and serviceability, and with an incredible stiffness to weight ratio, this popular model is clearly ideal for any type of rider. While the S-Works Tarmac is the premier build in the range ready for the likes of Contador and Sagan, this frame is also offered as the Tarmac Expert, Tarmac Comp and Tarmac SL4 Sport ready suited to meet any riders’ level of affordability or preferences.


As arguably one of the first ‘comfort performance’ bikes introduced to the market, the Roubaix is developed specifically to consider the demands of professionals who race on the most unforgiving of road surfaces, particularly the classics like Paris-Roubaix. Focusing on the concept that “smoother is faster”, Specialized optimizes a more endurance style geometry to maximize comfort on harsh terrain, and is perfect for longer days in the saddle. Additionally, Specialized introduced it’s own ‘Future Shock’ technology, a form of spring based suspension positioned above the head tube that can be utilised at different rates for maximum stability. The S-Works Roubaix is equipped with top of the line equipment ready for the professional racer, with the range extending through the Roubaix Expert, Roubaix Comp and Roubaix Elite, all the way down to the Roubaix SL4 – meaning Speciliazed’s most versatile road option is available in an expansive range of builds ready to suit any rider!


The longest standing road bike produced by Specialized is the Allez, an extremely advanced alloy road option that is developed with innovative welding and production technologies to deliver a highly capable, smooth and compliant road option. Optimizing its internally engineered Smartweld Technology, lightweight materials are strategically combined in focused weld locations to create an end product that is light, efficient and compliant. These affordable models are the perfect carbon alternative, and suitable for those who are new to road riding. The DSW SL Sprint Expert leads the Allez range, with DSW SL Sprint Comp, Allez E5 Sport and Allez Jr rounding out the range with adaptable build varieties.

Amira, Dolce and Ruby

Specialized also offers a number of frames that are women’s specific, allowing many of the design technologies mentioned above to be adapted and more practical to the considerations of female riders. The Specialized Amira is a light, aggressive and responsive carbon road bike that is perfect for both racing and recreational riding, proven on countless occasions through a range of Women’s WorldTour race wins.

The Specialized Dolce is a women’s endurance road option, featuring relaxed, comfort oriented geometry and a lightweight frame suitable for long rides and almost any road terrain. The Specialized Ruby, sharing many of the same features as the uni-sex Roubaix, offers a more superior ride in terms of performance than the Dolce, engineered with comfort in mind, and equipped with quality components to create the perfectly balanced women’s specific road endurance option.

Diverge and Sequoia

Rounding out Specialized’s expansive range of road bikes are the Diverge and Sequoia road models, designed for adventure. The Diverge is perfect for enthusiasts who are keen to explore gravel, trails, dirt and other off-road terrain with the added comfort of an endurance road bike. With relaxed geometries, thick tires and vibration dampeners, this smooth and compliant has you covered for both on and off-road performance. Alternatively, the Sequoia is a slightly more off-road orientated road model, better suited to dirt road with additional capabilities. The Sequoia has remained a mainstay in the Specialized range for decades, optimizing a steel construct with wider tires, and ready to be equipped with fenders and racks.

Specialized Road Bikes for Sale

In addition to their sophisticated range of road bikes, Specialized additionally offers an expansive range of cycling products, including shoes, helmets, apparel, components, accessories and other bikes! As highlighted by the S-Works initiative, many of these products are designed to be combined for optimal performance, so make sure you check out the Specialized collection after you’ve had a look at the range of Specialized road bikes for sale here on BikeExchange!

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