Kids Scooters


Kids Scooters

Kids scooters are a great way to have fun, provide a healthy outdoor activity and encourage motor skills, balance and proprioception. At BikeExchange our independent retailers and private sellers are always listing quality scooters for children at affordable prices.

Children of all ages will enjoy the benefits of a person-powered scooter. Typically, scooters are identifiable because of their T-bar frame and thick metal footpad which forms the base of the scooter. Running on two wheels with a brake attached to the rear wheel, the scooter is powered by the kicking motion along the riding surface. The kids have full control of their speed the entire time, they aren’t too far off the ground and the brake ensures additional safety when coming to a stop.

Kids scooters are a great alternative to kids bikes while still keeping children and adolescents active, mobile, and able to cover distances along streets and around the park. Not only are they durable but they can also fold to half their size for easy storage and transportation—we even have a folding scooter for five-year-old kids on the move.

As with bikes, it’s important that kids use approved helmets as well as knee and elbow pads for beginners and younger kids. We recommend that learning riders find smooth surfaces that aren’t close to traffic and are supervised by an adult.

BikeExchange has a great range of models when it comes to kids scooters available to buy right now. Hop online and order the best children’s scooter we have in stock today.

How to choose the right scooter for your kids?

When choosing the right scooter, you’ll want a sturdy, comfortable, and age-appropriate one. One of the biggest decisions when selecting the right kids scooters for your kids is whether the handlebar features are adjustable or fixed. This will depend on the type of scooting your kids are doing.

The best scooters for kids are ones with adjustable handles that can adapt and grow with them. The best scooters for tweens who are into performance will have a fixed handlebar that won’t slide while performing maneuvers.

Scooting is a great way for kids to learn balance, develop muscle and motor skills, all while having fun and getting exercise.

Young kids who are learning to develop muscle and balance, hand-eye coordination, and motor skills will benefit from the additional support of a third wheel. We recommend a three-wheeled scooter for them to build their confidence and riding skills before graduating to a two-wheeler. For very young children, a toddler wheel scooter should be low to the ground, and the decks should be narrow—within the four- to five-inch range.

For children in the two- to five-year-old bracket, a “learn-to steer” model is recommended. This style of kids scooter is safer than a model where the T-bar can suddenly turn since kids are learning balance as well as responsive decision-making skills.

When it comes to three-wheeled kids scooters, scooters that have two wheels at the front and only one at the back seem to be more popular. If your child prefers an unobstructed kick as they’re learning, then having two wheels on the back may hamper them due to the width of the scooter’s rear.

When your kids are ready for a two-wheeled scooter, keep an eye on wheel size. Smaller wheels will be slower while larger ones will be faster but heavier. A slip-resistant foot deck will also help your kids be more confident and stable as they start to pick up speed. You should also consider the total weight capacity and adjustable T-bar if you want the scooter to last a few years.

We have a great range of scooters for kids, scooters for girls, and boys scooter styles.

How to adjust the height of a kids scooter?

Kids scooters are easy to adjust. The T-bar will slide up and down and the optimal height should be about your child’s waist height. Because children grow quickly, it’s best to check the height every few months to ensure that it’s the right height for them as they grow. Adjustable handlebars also allow you to share the scooter between multiple kids.

How to maintain a kids scooter?

Maintaining kids scooters is pretty simple but it pays to do it regularly. You’ll get a longer life out of the scooter and ensure that it is as safe as it can be for your child.

  • Check tires and brakes. If they need replacing, do so quickly.
  • Check the T-Bar if it’s adjustable to make sure it’s working well and not slipping down or stuck.
  • Wash the scooter with warm soapy water every now and then to keep everything clear of muck and dirt.
  • Look out for cracks and other damages to the scooter frame and tires.
  • Tighten any loose bolts or fixtures. It’s good to check for this periodically.
  • Check your kid’s helmet too to ensure it’s up to standard.

When it comes to buying quality kids scooters, look no further than the wide selection we have at BikeExchange. If you’re keen to pick up something for the adults, don’t forget to check out the great offers on our Diamondback bikes, Marin bikes, Kona bikes, Bianchi bikes, and Fuji bikes. Shop online today.

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