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Cannondale Track Bikes


The Cannondale Track Bike: Unapologetically Fast

Humans have been racing fixed-gear bikes around velodromes for over 100 years now. We’ve had a lot of time to find out what makes a good track bike. Maybe that’s why track bikes always seem to have a menacing appearance. They are lithe and devoid of all extraneous parts, like the stance of an animal waiting to pounce on unsuspecting prey.

The Caad10 track bike is Cannondale’s submission to this particularly ornery category of bikes. Sure, they may not look as extravagant as their composite time-trial racing cousins, but the need for toughness and the tradition of practical, simple track bikes has endured even in the age of the new material. Many urban cyclists who appreciate the speed and maneuverability of a track bike are grateful for this fact, as it keeps their weapon of choice in an affordable price range.

Don’t be mislead into thinking there’s no technology involved in the Caad10, though. It features Cannondale’s proprietary SPEED SAVE systems both at front and rear to absorb minor vibrations and ensure you remain planted on the track. Its frame is made of the most advanced 6069 aluminum alloy, and it features ultra-lightweight Mavic track-specific wheels.

Cannondale Caad10 Track Bike Features

Even the makers of this Cannondale track bike will tell you that the Caad10 is “lighter, stiffer and smoother than many elite carbon frames”. This bike has been carefully equipped with race-winning equipment from front to back. Its Fizik saddle uses magnesium rails, even lighter than the Cr-Mo rails used on many lightweight saddles. Its SRAM PC-1 chain is thinner than normal at just 1/8”, providing exceptional acceleration when you step on it and sprint for the lead.

A Caad10 Track Is a Little Nostalgic

Modern composite bikes are nothing to scoff at, but for Cannondale to go to the lengths it takes to build a competitive aluminum track racer in the age of composite really says something. There are some out there who simply know what they like, and the compliance qualities of a carbon bike don’t feel right to them around a racetrack. Aluminum alloy was, for a long time, the stiffest and lightest option available, and those who honed their skills on an aluminum alloy bike will notice the difference in materials.

The Caad10 track bike is a salute to the track champions of old. It recognizes the long tradition of unyielding competition that Cannondale has been a part of and borrows the best aspects from the future. Modern track-specific tires, Cannondale’s special 6069 alloy and SPEED SAVE technology combine in the Caad10 track to create a ride that has the performance of the best composite bikes without giving up the heritage of its winning ancestors.

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