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Giant Track Bikes


Giant Track Bikes: The Power of All

Omni is Latin for “all”, as in “omnipotent”, “omniscient” and “omnipresent”. Giant’s Omnium line of track bikes represents exactly that, everything this world-class bike manufacturer knows about how to get you around a track at speed on two wheels.

Omnium bikes achieve their omnipotence not through the use of copious gadgets and add-ons, but rather through the careful and calculated execution of a racing machine. Geometry that has been proven to perform at the highest levels, a wind-tunnel-designed frame that cuts through the air like a hot knife through butter, and expertly selected gearing that transfers power from your legs to the ground without sacrificing a watt earn this bike its moniker. It is the unification of race-winning pieces into a single uncompromising track weapon.

Giant track bikes need to be strong and light, so the Omnium’s frame is made out of ALUXX-SL, the highest-grade alloy offered on Giant road bikes. Why not carbon? Track bikes take a beating, and building the Omnium from Carbon fiber might quickly result in your investment going to waste. Aluminum’s increased durability is, for most, worth the few added grams, and you still receive a carbon fiber front fork for exquisite compliance and responsive handling on the track.

Powerful Features of the Giant Omnium Track Bikes

Each component you’ll find on Giant Omnium track bikes was hand-selected with the purpose of delivering you to the front of the pack. Not a single piece mounted to the lightweight alloy frame is extraneous.

  • Saddle — Take, for example, the Omnium’s saddle: the Fizik Aliante Delta. Its low profile shape avoids adding drag, and it uses Magnesium rails, even lighter than the Cr-Mo rails found on many performance saddles, to maximize weight savings.
  • Seat post — Beneath the saddle sits a Giant vector composite seat post, molded to match the wind-cheating shape of the Omnium’s frame itself.
  • Tires — Omnium bikes use front- and rear-specific tires, with special tread patterns that maximize response at the front when you initiate turns and minimize rolling resistance in the rear. Giant’s 42mm aero rims have been shaped to add further aerodynamics. At their heart, you’ll find a set of high-flange, track-specific hubs that will glide effortlessly tomorrow and a year from then.
  • Cranks — Driving this neat arrangement is a set of track-specific Truvativ cranks bolted to a Truvativ GXP bottom bracket. Even the Giant Omnium’s chain, a KMC Devil 101, is track-specific.

These Giant track bikes represent an exceptional value. They offer a parts set that many professionals would be proud to call theirs and the backing of Giant’s exceptional customer service and warranty program.

Take a look around BikeExchange today to find the right Giant Omnium for sale.