Cannondale Triathlon & Time Trial Bikes


Slice Through PRs and Challengers With Cannondale Triathlon Bikes

In the world of time trials and triathlons, a fraction of a second might mean the difference between a win and almost there. The Cannondale Slice is racing equipment designed for the world’s elite athletes, with the technology and design to compete at the highest level. Its razor-thin shape and competition-level components make it nearly frictionless on the track. With the right rider at the helm, there’s nothing the Cannondale Slice can’t accomplish.

The same BallisTec composite that has led Cannondale cross-country mountain bikes to world-championship wins sees use in the Slice line to deliver its unmatched combination of stiffness and lightness. The frame’s TAP tube shaping allows Cannondale engineers to maximize rigidity and strength using the least possible amount of material. A drag-reduction tunnel located behind the seat tube reduces drag air that can pack up at speed, lowering rolling resistance and allowing the use of wider 28c tires in situations where grip is crucial.

Innovative Features on These Cannondale Time Trial Bikes

Even though the Slice line of bikes is designed for use in competition at the highest level, you don’t need a dedicated team of people to make the bike race-ready. In fact, the Slice is easy to live and travel with.

The Slice uses direct-mount Shimano brakes, doesn’t feature complicated cable routing that requires special tools, and uses vertical rear dropouts. Newer models are compatible with both mechanical and Shimano DI2 shift setups. These and other important considerations make Cannondale triathlon bikes a great investment for riders who don’t have the luxuries of professional-level support.

The Different Trim Levels of the Cannondale Triathlon Bikes

BikeExchange carries a number of different Cannondale Slice models, making it easy to find a bike that’s equipped to your liking at the price point you have in mind. Let’s take a look at some of the different Cannondale time trial bikes available on BikeExchange:

Cannondale Slice 105: This is a solid competitor at a great price. The Slice 105 receives the ultra lightweight BallisTec frame that makes this bike so special and an extremely competitive parts set. You get a full complement of Shimano 105 transmission components, matched up with Shimano RS11 shifters. An FSA Gossamer Pro crank set and Shimano RS11 hubs put the power down and complete the package.

Cannondale Slice Dura-Ace DI2: Cannondale certainly didn’t intend to fool anyone with the naming scheme of the trim levels on this bike. When you’re getting a system such as Shimano’s trusted Dura-Ace made even more lightning-quick thanks to DI2 electronic shifting, that’s a good thing. This top contender rolls on Mavic Cosmic Elite wheels and features Cannondale’s Hollowgram crank set. Quite simply one of the nicest options available today if you’re going TT racing.

Find the perfect Cannondale time trial bike for you on BikeExchange today!

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