Bianchi Urban Bikes


Bianchi Urban Bikes

Bianchi is the world’s single oldest bicycle manufacturer, with over a century of experience building two-wheeled transportation machines for racers and commuters alike. While the storied company has made its name as the choice of cycling champions, motorcycle manufacturer and even for a short time an automaker under Fiat, it is the same pragmatic bicycles that put them on the map that Bianchi is known for today.

Edoardo Bianchi, who founded this famous marque in 1885, was no racer. Edoardo was an instrument maker, concerned with detail and build quality. By giving the cycling world a design that used inflatable rubber tires, he revolutionized the world of two-wheeled transportation. We think Edoardo would be proud of Bianchi’s urban bikes, which continue to provide affordable, comfortable and reliable access to one of the most efficient ways on earth to get a human from point A to point B.

Bianchi urban bikes feature easy-to-use components but don’t skimp on quality. You can get where you need to go smoothly and hassle-free.

The Different Models of Bianchi Urban Bikes

Bianchi’s urban range includes both commuter-minded and more aggressive models. Bianchi’s Cortina Dama, Torino Dama and Milano Dama models represent exceptional values for riders seeking a quality commuter bike that uses reliable Shimano components.

The low-top tube used on these frames makes them easy to throw a leg over, even when wearing a bag or pack. Their slack geometry and slightly longer wheelbase make these bikes roll effortlessly and handle predictably at speed. Compared to the Cortina Dama and Torino Dama, the Milano Dama receives an upgraded Shimano Altus drivetrain and full chain guide. Riders who prefer a trigger-style shifter should choose the Torino Dama, while Cortina Dama and Milano Dama bikes have comfortable twist-shifters.

Rounding out Bianchi’s urban range are the Bianchi Semplice Dama and the Bianchi C-Sport Dama bikes. Bianchi’s Semplice Dama, like its cousin the Semplice, uses an innovative speed-sensing hub to provide an effortless riding experience that requires no shifting — the bike will automatically select the right gear to match your speed. This model uses a similar low-top tube design to the three Bianchi urban bikes mentioned earlier. For the more aggressive rider, Bianchi C-Sport Dama bikes use frame geometry that takes cues from full-blown road bikes and feature trigger shifters and an upgraded component set.

Three Ways to Buy Bianchi Urban Bikes on BikeExchange

There are two options to make a purchase at BikeExchange. Depending on the retailer, you can buy Bianchi urban bikes in three ways:

  1. Click & Collect: Pay for your bike online and make arrangements to pick your bike up at a retail store.
  2. In-Store: By phone or email, contact the retailer of the model you’ve selected to arrange to pay for and pick up your new bike.

Browse the Bianchi urban bikes at BikeExchange and order yours today!

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