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Giro is a helmet and cycling accessories manufacturer that makes helmets that combine high levels of protection with comfort. This means having sturdy construction using the latest materials, as well as ventilation and other comfort features. This focus on rider protection and comfort has made Giro one of the best known and respected helmet manufacturers in the world. Their helmets are worn by Tour de France winners, Olympic medalists, children, fitness enthusiasts, and more.

While Giro is primarily known for making cycling helmets, it makes cycling accessories and apparel too. Giro also makes products for other sports and activities, particularly winter sports.

The company was founded in 1985 in Scotts Valley, California. At that time, helmets where typically heavy, uncomfortable, and unattractive. Giro set out to change this by making a lightweight helmet that was safe and comfortable to wear. They called it the Prolight, and it revolutionized the industry. Professional riders were among the first to notice the Giro difference so started wearing Giro helmets. This included the winner of the 1989 Tour de France, American Greg LeMond.

Today, Giro has continued pursuing the goal of making lightweight and comfortable helmets that come with high standards of protection. Design innovations in all bike disciplines and comfort advances have been a key part of the Giro helmets story.

Giro is owned by Vista Outdoor, a company based in Utah that owns a number of brands involved in the manufacture of products for outdoor sports and outdoor leisure activities. This includes a number of other cycling brands.

Giro Helmets Product Range

Giro makes helmets with designs for men, women, and children. There is also a broad range of features, options, and prices, so there is something for every style of rider. You can find a wide selection from the Giro range here at Bike Exchange.

In general, the helmets are split up according the type of riding the helmet will be used for. This includes road, dirt, and urban, with the latter being for recreational cyclists, people who ride for fitness, and commuters. There is also a range of aerodynamic helmets specially designed for triathlon competitors and for use in time trial events.

All the helmets come in a range of color options. Accessories are available too including replacement visors and camera mounts.

Giro Helmets Sponsorship

Giro helmets sponsors a number of riders and teams across a range of cycling disciplines. This includes Team Wiggins, the cycling team owned by Olympic gold medalist and Tour de France winner Bradley Wiggins. The Russian professional cycling team Katusha also wears Giro helmets, as does the BMC Racing team and Team IAM. Other teams Giro sponsors include the RaboLiv Women's Team and the Canyon/SRAM Women's Team.

In mountain biking, Giro helmets sponsors Rabobank CX, Yannick Granieri, the Yeti MTB Team, and more.

Giro is also involved in a number of partnerships with companies that offer cycling and helmet technology, as well as organisations that promote cycling. This includes Transportation Alternatives, a group that promotes cycling and other alternative means of transport in New York in the USA.

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