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About Schwinn Bikes

For many years, Schwinn bikes were the most popular brand in the US and they were sold all over the world. The brand doesn't have the same position today, but they are still going strong with a full range of good quality but affordable bikes.

On Bike Exchange you will find a vast range of Schwinn bikes for sale. This includes cruisers, kids’ bikes, hybrids, mountain bikes, urban bikes, fixies, and more.

Not only is Schwinn one of the most well-known brands of bike in the US - it is also one of the oldest. The company was founded in 1895, making it over 100 years old. It was started by a mechanical engineer in Chicago who gave the company his name - Ignaz Schwinn. Today it is part of one of the biggest bike companies in the world - Dorel Industries, which owns other famous bike brands like Mongoose, GT and Cannondale.

Schwinn's heyday was in the 1950s and 1960s when it was easily the most popular and recognized bike brands in the US. In fact, the company introduced a style of kids’ bike that back in the 1960s every child wanted to own. Even today it is a bike that is fondly remembered. It was called the Sting-Ray and featured unforgettable ape-hanger handlebars and a long, bench-like seat.

The good times at Schwinn did not last forever, though. The world of cycling was changing, and Schwinn did not adapt quickly enough through the 1970s and 1980s. This led to it becoming bankrupt in 1992.

It was feared the brand would only exist in cycling history, but as a testament to its strength it is now back. It is not a dominant manufacturer but it makes a range of solid, dependable and attractive bikes in a range of styles. It therefore appeals to cycling enthusiasts and new cyclists alike. One of the biggest draws for the company is its affordability - good quality bikes at low prices.

Range Of Schwinn Bikes

Schwinn make just about every type of recreational, commuter and fitness bike that you can imagine, plus they have an extensive range for children. They are not a brand that makes performance machines designed for road racing, triathlons, or the various mountain biking disciplines. If you want to ride to keep fit, as an alternative form of transport, or for the enjoyment of being outside and exploring on two wheels, Schwinn is an excellent choice.

Broadly speaking the range is split into five main categories. Models from each are featured in listings on Bike Exchange.

  • Cruiser – bikes designed for riding comfort with upright seating positions, cushy saddles, and swept back handlebars
  • Hybrid – bikes for riding performance on the road with abilities when you go off road too
  • Mountain – mountain bikes with a range of suspension options designed primarily for off-road riding
  • Urban – commuter bikes with a good combination of comfortable sitting position and efficient pedaling
  • Kids – extensive range of styles for children

Schwinn Bikes Sponsorship

As already stated, Schwinn does not manufacture performance bikes so it doesn’t get involved in bike sponsorships.

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