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In search of electric bikes for sale? BikeExchange is your one-stop online shop for everything bike-related. You can choose from our broad range of electric mountain bikes, electric road bikes, and electric city bikes to suit your riding preferences.

The popularity of electric bikes is growing rapidly in the United States and Canada. These bikes enable inexperienced cyclists to conquer steep hills with the assistance of their battery-powered motors. Their motors are designed to supplement pedaling rather than replace it, so riders can still reap the benefits of exercise without overexerting themselves.

Some electric bikes are also ideal for long-distance cycling. The assistance they provide allows you to conserve energy and finish the expedition. They can even be used as your environmentally-friendly daily commute to work or school.

BikeExchange is the world’s leading online marketplace for all things bike-related. Major retailers across the region take advantage of our platform to list their products on our website at reasonable prices. Explore our catalog of electric bikes for sale to find one that suits your needs and budget.

What factors should I consider before buying an e-bike?

The electric bikes for sale on our website come in different shapes and sizes. There are models designed for rugged terrain, while others are built for urban areas. Therefore, you should consider your specific requirements before you place an order.

There are generally three types of electric bikes:

  • Electric Mountain Bikes: These are essentially mountain bikes equipped with electric motors to assist you in powering through steep inclines. They usually have robust frames and powerful disc brakes to help you navigate the unpredictable terrain.

  • Electric Road Bikes: These electric bikes come with lightweight frames and narrow wheels designed to minimize friction and maximize speed. They are ideal for long-distance cycling because the motor can help you conserve energy.

  • Electric City Bikes: These options are ideal for traversing city streets daily. They have comfortable designs and often come with additional features such as lights, storage baskets, and adjustable seats.

If you’re getting an electric mountain bike, you should also consider the suspension system since it significantly affects your experience.

  • Full Suspension: An electric mountain bike with full suspension has shock absorbers on the front and rear, keeping the bike stable and the rider comfortable on even the harshest terrain.

  • Hardtail: A hardtail electric mountain bike has no rear suspension, relying on the rider to absorb shock using their legs. However, it is considerably lighter than most full-suspension alternatives.

  • Rigid: A rigid electric mountain bike has no suspension at all. The lack of shock absorbers makes it extremely lightweight, but it isn’t an ideal off-road companion for most riders.

Whatever your riding preferences, our electric bikes for sale can cater to your demands. BikeExchange offers a variety of entry-level and high-end electric bikes suited to your budget. Explore our online catalog and order the bike of your dreams today.

How fast can an electric bike go?

An electric bike can go as fast as you can pedal it. The only component that separates an electric bike from a regular bike is the battery-powered motor that provides pedaling assistance.

People who try electric bikes for the first time usually get surprised at how easy they are to pedal and how much of a boost they get with pedaling assistance. The electric bikes for sale today have motors with power capacities ranging between 250 W and 850 W. The most powerful models can go well over 45 kph, but there are laws in place that limit their speed. In most jurisdictions, 32 kph is the allowed maximum speed for electric bikes.

At BikeExchange, you can choose among an extensive selection of electric bikes. So whether you want a modest 250 W city bike for your daily commute or a mighty 850 W mountain bike for the steepest inclines, we’ve got you covered. Browse through our catalog to find an electric bike that suits your requirements.

How much maintenance do electric bikes need?

Ideally, you should visit a mechanic at least once a year to have your bike checked for issues. A mechanic can also help tune your brakes, drivetrain, and other components to keep your bike in good condition.

There are also measures you can do yourself to keep your electric bike in top shape:

  • Lubricate the drivetrain.
  • Keep the tires inflated.
  • Check for loose bolts and spokes.
  • Avoid draining the battery.
  • Store the battery in a dry place.
  • Keep the software up to date.

If you’re ready to experience the benefits, electric bikes have to offer, head to our website and explore our product line.

BikeExchange is your top destination for everything bike-related. You can find a variety of electric bikes for sale from the industry's most recognized brands like Cannondale and Scott.

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