Full Suspension Mountain Bikes


Full suspension mountain bikes

Full suspension mountain bikes are known for the superior comfort and stability they provide over the roughest terrain. They allow riders to climb and descend the steepest trails without sacrificing control and ride quality. If you’re interested in getting one, we can assist you.

BikeExchange has a wide array of full suspension mountain bikes to match your demands. Whether you’re into trail riding, cross-country riding, downhill riding, or enduro riding, our online catalog has something to offer you. Place an order today and have your dream bike delivered or ready for pickup at a shop near you.

As their names suggest, full suspension mountain bikes have suspension mechanisms at both the front and rear wheels. This added shock absorption allows for enhanced traction when scaling rugged terrain. These bikes vary in travel, wheel size, and frame material, so it’s vital that you consider these factors when choosing your bike.

BikeExchange offers full suspension mountain bikes made of various frame materials, including aluminum, carbon, and steel.

  • Aluminum: It is the most common material used for mountain bike frames. It is lightweight and durable, offering excellent bike qualities and reliable performance. You can find most entry-level mountain bikes available on the market are made of aluminum.

  • Carbon: This composite material is even more durable and lighter than aluminum. It also has vibration-absorbing properties to provide adequate responsiveness without compromising comfort. That’s why most high-end mountain bikes use carbon frames.

  • Steel: Steel frames were once the standard material for mountain bikes because of their durability. Nowadays, they’re usually used for budget options because they are significantly cheaper but heavier than aluminum and carbon.

The next factor you need to consider when choosing a full suspension mountain bike is its travel capability. Travel represents how far the suspension system can move.

  • Short-Travel Bikes (1–4” Travel): These bikes are ideal for cross-country riding. They are the closest to hardtail alternatives in terms of feel because of their quick and tight geometry. They’re also some of the lightest full suspension mountain bikes on the market.

  • Medium-Travel Bikes (4–6” Travel): These bikes are great for both uphill and downhill cycling. They’re highly versatile and have gained massive popularity because of their superior stability. Moreover, they often have travel adjustment features that let you lock the suspension system to make scaling inclines easier.

  • Long-Travel Bikes (7–10” Travel): These bikes are designed to withstand steep drops and big hits, making them suitable for enduro and freeride cycling. They’re very durable bikes, featuring wide, reinforced tires and hydraulic disc brakes. In addition, they usually come with one chainring and a chain guide to prevent the chain from falling off during rough rides.

Based on factors like geometry and travel, full suspension mountain bikes can be categorized according to their suitable riding style.

  • Cross Country: These bikes are best for endurance climbing. They usually have short travel to allow maximum pedaling efficiency. Moreover, their lightweight and stiff frames give them similar riding properties to hardtail alternatives.

  • Downhill: These bikes are designed to endure big hits and harsh landings, so their tires are thick and reinforced. In addition, they have long travel and slack geometry for superior control and stability.

  • Trail: These full suspension mountain bikes are the most well-rounded of the bunch. They’re ideal for recreational cyclists who want to try a bit of everything. Their average travel is considerably longer than cross-country alternatives, and they have a more traditional and relaxed geometry for a comfortable riding experience.

  • Enduro: These bikes are meant to descend quickly on steep and technical terrain, so they have relatively heavy and rugged frames. They’re easy to steer and usually feature adjustable air or coil forks that can be locked to stiffen the frame for maximum pedaling efficiency when climbing.

If you’re overwhelmed with all this information, you can reach out to our team of experts to receive sound advice. We can guide you through all the factors you need to consider before placing an order. You can also check out our blog for comprehensive and detailed reviews.

Is a full suspension mountain bike worth it?

Full suspension mountain bikes have advanced to the point where they can rival their hardtail counterparts in terms of weight. Their frames are much lighter than ever before, and they have highly adjustable suspension systems that can mimic the pedaling efficiency of hardtail alternatives. They are worth every penny, especially when you consider the superior comfort they provide.

What are full suspension mountain bikes used for?

Full suspension mountain bikes can move over rocks, roots, potholes, and other rugged terrains with the tire glued to the ground for superior traction and control. The rear suspension effectively absorbs the shock instead of your body, allowing you to ride faster and longer without feeling strained.

Where can I buy full suspension mountain bikes near me?

BikeExchange is your number one source for anything and everything bike related. Our mission is to fuel your passion for riding by making bikes and their accessories readily available over the internet. We offer flexible delivery and pickup options as we’ve partnered with hundreds of bike shops across the United States.

Aside from full suspension mountain bikes, we have an entire fleet of electric bikes, road bikes, and kids bikes from industry-leading brands like Cannondale and Scott. If you prefer hardtail mountain bikes, we’ve got just the collection for you.

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